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Summer 2018 was too hot to have body hair!

Hair removal with wax is continually evolving. I have worked with hot waxes made up of beeswax and resin which were strong but brittle. (You had to get it right) ,sugaring pastes which were unbearably ‘tacky’ and stuck to the skin as well as the hair especially in warm weather. Strip waxes and non strip waxes with varying consistencies and fragrance have been evolving for a long time so smooth skin can be enjoyed.

Waxing allows you not to worry on a daily basis about hair growth and stubble. It is immediate, effective and affordable and does over time significantly reduce hair density. Daydreams takes an interest in waxing because caring for the skin on the body and face and keeping it healthy is Daydreams primary concern.

Waxes vary and improve every year  in response to our client’s wish for a quick, ‘comfortable’ process of removing body hair. I am principally a skincare therapist and clients are often surprised that I perform waxing treatments. In the main it is only face or bikini areas that I am involved with because these are both extremely delicate areas and careless treatment causes damage. Lycon wax is a brand that cares as much as I do about protecting the skin yet removing even very short hair.. I use 4 differing Lycon waxes to best match my clients needs and hair type. My favourite is So Berry Delicious which has a pleasing, fruity aroma and of course it seems that Lycon Dreamxxx wax was made just for Daydreams. It is so gentle so my preference for all lips.

New clients requesting intimate waxing for the first time can be anxious but I hope feel reassured and relaxed within Daydreams. There is no necessity for clients to know exactly whether they want a Playboy, Brazilian or Hollywood and of course the ‘Brittanica ‘ is easily accommodated…just around the knicker line!

After bikini waxing the area is washed with an anti-bump wash, sprayed with a solution that addresses in-grown hairs and soothed with a finishing oil.