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Venus Viva.Top reviews

venusfxVenus Viva has been in the press with top reviews from aesthetic medics and this month I want as many of you as possible to experience this amazing treatment. Downtime is reduced to a flush over an hour or two which in the world of modern aesthetics is really none. Operational  time is quick but I extend the treatment to enhance the experience. The Viva has the Venus Freeze capability built in but offers much more than just skin tightening . The hand piece is more delicate and  precise so is able to work far more precisely around the eye for lifting and tightening.

Promotional price £100. Scarring and stretch marks requiring more than one treatment.

Venus Viva – Vogue “For scar removal, Dr. Prager recommends the Venus Viva resurfacing treatment, which is able to target textural irregularities like scars, stretch marks and rosacea. Unlike traditional fractional technology, Venus Viva uses a combination of nanofractional radiofrequency (RF) and SmartScan technology to hone in on damaged areas, stimulating the woundhealing response and rebuilding collagen.”

Venus Viva – Elle Magazine “Venus Nano-Fractional treatment… Radio-frequency currents traumatising my dermis, shocking my body into healing mode… plumper, tighter skin in a few days! Venus Viva sends currents deep into your skin via tiny metal pins. It causes ‘micro-wounds’ which encourage healing. It takes about 15 minutes. It’s a great resurfacing option for scarring, pigmentation or open pores.”

Venus Viva – GQ Style

“’One of the main areas male patients seek to improve is the jawline,’ says Dr. Michael Prager, who recommends the Venus Viva skin resurfacing treatment, which sculpts, lifts and tightens the jawline with no downtime”

Venus Viva and Freeze – Grazia

It’s an amazing resurfacing treatment and can transform your skin over a course of treatments,’ says award-winning Dr Michael Prager, who offers the Venus  Nano Fractional Radio Frequency treatment at his London clinic. ‘Sagging skin, wrinkles and pigmentation can all be improved,’ he adds. Using a handheld wand, your face will be blasted with radio-frequency energy, which heats up the tissues of the skin and stimulates collagen production deep down in the dermis.”








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Venus Viva.Top reviews

Venus Viva has been in the press with top reviews from aesthetic