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Bright Eyes are a feature we all want and Venus Viva gives us this.Venus Viva Bright Eyes is an energy based treatment  ideally suited to treating the lower eye crease, the fat bulges and skin laxity.

The Venus Viva  is safe for all skin types and with there is no recovery time post the Bright Eyes procedure. A visible improvement can be seen after a single procedure.

The Diamond polar applicator combines Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency and Pulsed Magnetic Fields with no discomfort. This unique electrode can treat around the eyes to smooth skin and fade wrinkles and fine lines .Facial rejuvenation made easy. The results are real as the dermal blood circulation improves and the supply of nutrients and oxygen increases. Frequently it is the poor skin quality that gives the impression of dark hollows. The transparency of the fragile skin exaggerates the impression of depth or it may be that the underlying muscle is visible in this vulnerable area. 

When the magnetic field penetrates the skin cellular activity and reactions are triggered.Stimulation in the skin tissue increases the production of collagen and elastin (Fibroblast Proliferation) and the creation of new blood vessels.Magneto therapy is used medically to repair and heal injured tissue. Each magnetic pulse stimulating cellular repair. The natural healing process of the skin is triggered and Bright Eyes are restored.