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venus may          A little May madness                                            . Face and neck treated for £200.

Home alone with a little bit of recovery time still to go after my Venus Viva treatment this afternoon. Just under the eyes and the neck still showing some pinkness but we all know these to be the sensitive areas on the face No discomfort now. The ‘prickle ‘ experienced immediately post treatment long gone. I haven’t worn make -up since the treatment so a gentle cleanse tonight is all that is required and I shall be leaving off my Medik8 topical Retinol but tomorrow morning it will be business as usual and I shall be taking my my skin supplements from the IIAA advanced nutrition regime and looking forward to seeing great improvements. (Having an eye test tomorrow so will be scrutinising my face even more closely).

Haven’t been disappointed to date with the Viva.

Did you say date …wedding, birthday, anniversary?

All excellent reasons to treat your skin and get the feel/look good factor at a great price. Face and neck £200.



Sara d

Venus Viva

A little May madness                                            . Face and neck treated for £200. Home