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Our skins have probably had a little more sun than is good for them this summer. Time for a refreshing skincare treatment. Details to follow after I return from training with Skeyndor International trainer on September 5th.

I’m intrigued to learn all about their UNIQCURE SKIN AMPOULES. Clue is in the name I think!

Great day out training with Skeyndor’s International trainer. Skeyndor invests greatly in the science of beauty and for 50 years has been innovative and unstoppable in revolutionising facial skincare. Daydreams looks to personalise treatments as the skincare needs of each client varies and these products perfectly match that brief. The training focused on 2 product ranges. UNIQCURE high tech concentrate ampoules and MyMASK earth mask collection.

Choose your mask:

  • Fruit Jam benefits dull complexions with fine wrinkles and dark areas.A cocktail of blue berries, citrus and strawberry seeds exfoliate and illuminate. An express light effect
  • Fresh Sorbet particularly for dehydrated,tight skin but a benefit to every skin type.Norwegian glacial water quenches your skin whilst minerals zinc and copper give the cells energy and malachite extract is a strong anti-oxidant.
  • Dark Charcoal is the rescue mask for skin showing impurities and open pores. The active ingredients charcoal from Japanese bamboo and Icelandic volcanic sand purify and heal.

Review your daily beauty ritual with Uniqcure concentrates. 1 ampoul a day, 7 days = visible results. Personalise your skincare.


Peel concentrate for dull skins and open pores.

Calming concentrate for inflamed skin with redness.

Lifting concentrate for skin with a tired ,sagging appearance.

Hydration concentrate for dry, dehydrated skin.

Wrinkles concentrate especially for forehead and eye area.

Density filling concentrate for ageing especially forehead and eye area.

Dark spots to address yellowish skin tone.

Brightening concentrate for dull skin with faint dark spots.

Cleanse, exfoliaton, selected mask and special concentrate for instant effect.