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Acne scarring & Pigmentation - Daydreams Beauty


Acne scarring and pigmentation


Acne scars are a challenge to treat in all skin types.


With post inflammatory pigmentation a common complication in skin of colour Daydreams offers treatment with Venus Viva nano-fractonal radio frequency. Treatments are proven safe on all skin types. This electronic system offers improved levels of intensity and regenerative response with minimal discomfort. Visible reduction in the appearance of acne scars.
Venus Viva Nano Fractional Radio Frequency has excellent depth of penetration, contraction of old collagen and synthesis of new collagen. Smartscan technology allows skin resurfacing with tiny, very tolerable areas of thermal injury and a rapid healing process increasing collagen and skin elasticity.

Fractional Radio frequency, micro needling, skin peels and microdermabrasion are all options for acne blemishes and scarring. Sequences of treatment required.




A cosmetic treatment that removes the top layer of the skin, leading to visibly improved appearance. Peels are often categorised by their depth: superficial, medium or deep.

The deeper the peel, the more dramatic skin improvement can be achieved. However, there is also an associated higher risk of complications, increased pain and longer healing time.



Which Peel Is Right For me?




What is it?

Skin needling is a safe and increasingly popular skin renewal technique to restore the healthy and youthful appearance of your skin at a fraction of the cost of comparable treatments and with minimal or zero downtime.

Skin needling produces comparable results to ‘ablative techniques’ such as lasers, dermabrasion and deep chemical peels, but is much lass invasive and does not require removal of the skin surface.

As a result, healing time is shorter and there is no post-treatment sensitivity to UV light.

Skin needling produces better results than other ‘non ablative techniques’ with virtually no pain or post-treatment discomfort.

Skin needling is also one of the few skin therapies that is suitable for treating all skin types, including ethnic skin and fragile skin around the eyes. mouth, hands, neck and d├ęcolletage.


What results can I expect?

Visible signs of skin rejuvenation are usually seen after just 6 weeks following the treatment and continue to improve for up to a year or more. Medik8 recommends a minimum course of 3 skin needling treatments, at 6 week intervals to achieve optimum results.

Ageing Skin

  • Restores skin firmness and tightness to flaccid skin.
  • Thickens the dermis and enhances dermal compactness.
  • Smoothes away wrinkles, lines, folds and crows feet.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Improves the appearance of large pores.


  • Reduces the appearance of atrophic and hypertrophic scars.
  • Improves scars caused by chicken pox and acne.
  • relaxes old scars.
  • Improves old surgical scars.


  • Lightens pigmentation marks.

Stretch marks and cellulite

  • Improves appearance of stretch marks.
  • Improves the appearance of cellulite.