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Skin Rejuvenation Treatment - Daydreams Beauty


Skin Rejuvenation

Gain confidence in your appearance.

Aesthetic treatments are a journey to accompany the ageing process. Most clients present multiple concerns such as skin laxity, irregular pigmentation, textural issues and no single modality can generally solve all multi factional concerns. Daydreams offers a wide range of options and consultation insures best outcome


Plasma is the latest industry advance that Daydreams has embraced and Sara has herself experienced before training early in 2018.What is the science and what are the results? When the thermal energy from my ACCORNF+ cosmetic corrector reaches around 1mm from the skin surface it mixes with oxygen and nitrogen in the air and creates a minuscule electrical arc known as the plasma arc. Upon contact with the skin.it vaporises creating a a dot on the skin surface which produces a tightening effect in the surrounding vicinity. I chose this device with NF+_technology because swelling and redness are reduced but there is a crusting on the skin surface that takes a week to shed. Daydreams is offering treatment to the upper face at the moment on the eyelid, smile and frown lines


A superior nano-fractional medical aesthetic experience for immediate and long term results. It is the optimal energy type for textural irregularities, mild and moderate wrinkles, ‘necklace’ lines, prominent pores and acne scars. Safe and effective causing only transient redness.. Treatment energy is customised according to the client’s skin condition. Parameters can be varied for resurfacing and collagen production which is why this is such a successful treatment as it can be customised for every client and different areas of the face and neck.

Venus Freeze.

Skin tightening without resurfacing.Particularly suited to the jaw line and jowls. When higher energies are used remodelling as well as skin tightening is apparent. A sequence of treatments are required for durable results. Freeze lacks the refinement of the Viva but achieves good results over the larger area lower chin and neck.


Prowave Ice Radio Frequency

Instant visible results. Further improvement for up to 3 months. No Pain or down time. Daydreams has the only Pro-Wave radio frequency in the region. It offers all the advantages of collagen production and tightening but the face remains cool due to the ice tips. These small plates make working in the eye  and small face areas easy and accurate but not as well suited to the neck and decolletage. It differs from the Viva treatment as the focus is simply collagen production but no resurfacing.

PRO WAVE ICE cold radio frequency is a system is a safe and effective treatment for lines and wrinkles. Post treatment the face is visibly tighter immediately but over the following weeks as collagen is generated deep beneath the skin’s surface the face opens and looks revitalized and younger.



This is an express anti-ageing treatment that works on muscle tissue to lift and tone. Coupled with the infusion of outstanding new serums and peptides, results are instant and sustained after a course of treatment. Suitable for all age groups. Immensely popular as it restores drooping facial contours and skin elasticity.This micro-current treatment has always been a good treatment but small changes in the protocols and equipment make it a great treatment and excellent value.



MESOSCIENCE BY SKEYNDOR is a virtual mesotherapy appliance that combines the effects of four currents to strengthen and multiply the effect of virtual “needle” therapies.This is a safe, painless procedure which is uncomplicated . The success relies on the active ingredients and the electrotherapy stimuli which increase the the cell capturing capacity and facilitate the passage of these substances through the skin.

Skeyndor express

2 systems combined. UNIQCURE and MYMASK. A new era of personalised skincare

My mask earth collection FRUIT JAM, FRESH SORBET, DARK CHARCOAL combined with a specific Uniqcure ampoule to  promote radiance, hydration and detoxing. The treatment begins with initial cleansing and enhanced resurfacing gel with thermal spring water. The high impact session concludes with the power and  protection of a high -tech concentrate with  hydration from the Skeyndor UNIQCURE range. My mask and Uniqcure ampoules  purchased as home treatments extend and boost the specific beauty benefits of your professional treatment


Exclusive treatment devised for a luxurious experience. It begins with a deeply relaxing Thai massage before the D-TOX lymphatic drainage manoeuvres. The skin treatment uses damask rose stem cells, white truffle and smells and feel amazing. The feeling of well beingis over whelming.


Mesofiller: wrinkle treatment

A mesocosmetic treatment specifically formulated to soften wrinkles and expression lines and increase the firmness of the face, neck and neckline. Active ingredients with the necessary size, polarity and affinity to optimise their performance are transported through the channels created by the virtual mesotherapy techniques to the deepest layers of the skin. Mesofiller  stimulates the elements that make up the skin structure: collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


_The formulations within this treatment smooth the appearance of the expression lines and the movement of the face. Bio-peptides combine to produce lifting of progressive intensity and lasting.

Corrective: expression line eraser & wrinkle filler

Corrective is formulated for treating the deepest wrinkles and expression lines, both quickly and effectively. It combines nine active ingredients including internal tissue redensifiers, skin fill-in substances, neuro-inhibitors agents and state of the art skin lifting peptides.The home care regime is especially popular with the expression line serum inhibiting movement on the forehead being the most sought after.


Global lift: facial lifting

Exclusive technology and anti-ageing strategy designed to acheive a facial lifting effect, adding fullness to the face and reducing submental fat (double chin) in mature skins.


Power Hyaluronic: hydrating

Dynamic Hyaluronic Acid professional programme recommended from the age of 20 for skin that is dehydrated on the surface or in depth and when even tiny wrinkles are appearing. This facial is an intense moisture boost with hyaluronic acid of varying molecular weight to address tissue dehydration below and on the skin surface. For the eye area Skeyndor have a specific Power Hyaluronic treatment with a very particular massage routine designed to relieve both puffy and sagging eyes. The comfort mask is impregnated with micro-algae to sooth and refresh the eye contour.


Put life back into your skin with Skeyndor Power Oxygen facial.Well documented is the threat to our skins from pollution. Air pollution is not the only enemy.In modern domestic life we are exposed to fine particles and heavy metals from heating systems, refrigeration systems as well as the multitude of cleaning sulphates. Skin tissue is especially susceptible. Any disruption to the oxygen supply to the skin leads to poor cell metabolism and loss of luminosity. Complexions lacking oxygen begin to look dull,congested and often begin to breakout.


Medik8 Essential Facials

A relaxing 9 step facial protocol to cleanse, relax and infuse the skin with professional strength products to address skin ageing, acne , redness, pigmentation, dryness. A British brand offering uncomplicated hands on treatment and visible improvements on a variety of skin issues including pigmented and sensitive complexions.

MEDIK8 ESSENTIAL + ENZYME or CHEMICAL PEEL. Treatment boosted with extra exfoliation.

MEDIK8 ESSENTIAL + PEEL + ROLLER STAMP Light skin needling added to increase cell renewal stimulate collagen and increase absorption of serums.



It cleans and clears the dull, asphyxiated complexion that is congested or suffers blemishes and uneven tone. Within 24 hrs the skin is clean and refreshed, radiant and receptive.The operator can tailor the treatment to the client and intensify or restrain it where appropriate. The optional Crystal Clear mask is the icing on the cake leaving the skin calm and sculptured.


Ayurvedic Red wine facial

The Red Wine/Red Grape facial is an anti ageing and rejuvenating therapy. Using the anti oxidant power of red grapes blended with the skin firming Ayurvedic properties of cloves and coriander to achieve a glowing, firmer, younger looking skin. This combined with a marma point Ayurvedic natural face -lift massage results in an amazing experience.