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Permanent Makeup | Cosmetic tattooing | Daydreams


Permanent Makeup

Make –Up that lasts for years.



Daydreams is registered with the local authority

Permanent Make Up and micro-blading.

Micro-blading is only available for eyebrow enhancement but results have been met with excitement.

We call it eyebrow embroidery and the effect is not as intense as the machine method. Less colour is deposited in the skin so expect refreshing to be more frequent.

Patch testing and consultation is required and the initial healing requires the area to be kept dry for 3 days.


Would you like more definition to your eye brows, eyes or lips?

Daydreams has the solution. Cosmetic tattooing. This is a method of skilfully applying small amounts of natural pigment into the skin after careful consultation to decide shape and colour. The benefits are enormous to anyone who has lost definition on the face either through time, accident or misuse but equally can be enjoyed by busy professionals, sport enthusiasts or those not wishing to be dependent on applying make-up.

Properly designed eyebrows flatter the eye area and give a more youthful appearance. Sara in Daydreams can create eyebrows where there are none or they are sparse, lacking in length or the shape is not flattering. Now you have the opportunity to either enjoy “celebrity” brows or more natural hair -stroke brows.

Eyeliner adds depth and definition to the eye and can be a light lash emphasis or a stronger line either singly, on top or bottom lids or along both.

Lip lines that fade, need recreating or have shrunk with age can be restored to their natural beauty with a subtle colour or a bolder line and blush.

Patch testing is recommended and during a preliminary consultation client expectation will be discussed. The procedure needs 3-5 days after treatment to settle but should not restrict normal daily activities. It will stay in the skin for years but the colour will fade. Lighter colours fade more quickly than dark but colour refreshing at a reduced cost is available.



“I wore distinctive eye-liner as part of my make-up for years. Now I just wear semi-permanent make-up. A great time saver and brilliant on holiday.” Louise, a nurse.

“I am a 35 year old beauty therapist. My appearance, and especially smudge-proof make-up is very important to me. I opted for semi permanent make-up. It’s fantastic. I had every confidence in Sara throughout the treatment.” Sue, Norfolk.

“I am a professional working mother of three children under 5. I marvel at my semi-permanent make-up. It’s brilliant. I would definitely have it again.” Dr. N. W. Suffolk.

“I wanted Elizabeth Taylor eyebrows and I’m thrilled with them . Completely hooked.” Tiffany, Suffolk.







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