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Lycon Precision Waxing Treatment | Daydreams Beauty


Lycon Precision Waxing

Precision waxing that clients trust.

DAYDREAMS has researched, chosen and invested in an exciting range of quality professional depilatory waxes and products.

Lycon Precision Waxing


Lycon Precision Waxing offers a choice of hot, strip and unique Lycojet waxes complemented by pre and post waxing lotions and accessories. Everything for total client comfort and satisfaction. Lycon strip-less waxes are perfect for short, stubborn hair on both the face and body. They are kind to the skin due to the natural soothing ingredients. My favourite is called So Berry Delicious because it is strong yet gentle and smells of summer.

These hard waxes are worked at low temperatures and may be reapplied on just waxed areas, with no pain or irritation. A unique barrier oil prevents the wax from being in direct contact with the skin. The aim is to shrink wrap the hair ..not the skin! Daydreams always uses these waxes for underarm and bikini treatment.

For the very most intimate areas and facial waxing Daydreams uses Lyco Dream hybrid wax xxx which is a luxurious blend of Argan oil, Arnica and Aloe Vera.

Generally strip wax is chosen for legs and arms and backs. All Lycon Cream and Gel Strip Waxes are made of the same formulae but there are variations in colour and aromatherapy ingredients. Sensitive skins love them. All waxing treatments will be accompanied by the best in pre and post waxing product and procedures. Oils to cool and de-sensitize before and those to protect against in-growing hairs and irritation after treatment