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Delicate care for the eye contour


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SuZuki sequencing micro-current

The Suzuki micro-current is so popular as an aesthetic treatment because it physically re -educates muscles and firms the skin. The Suzuki sequencing is very specific and comfortable. It mirrors the body’s own natural electrical electrical system and works harmoniously with it.
The energy muscles need to contract is found in a protein ..ATP(adenosine triphosphate) and treatment increases supply and levels. ATP cannot be stock piled which is why regular treatment is advised and an initial series recommended.
The application of micro -curremt to skin and tissue is proven to increase blood supply, elastin fibres and collagen thickness. Product penetration with micro current increases greatly.
My daughters have birthdays this month and one asked when should she begin the’ non surgical face lift’ treatment ie. Suzuki micro-current . Why delay!There are 32 facial muscles awaiting attention.
In the medical world this technology is used to aid wound healing; on scars; post surgery on tramatised, inflamed tissue.
Those who have had asethetic surgical procedures should embrace this salon treatment to maintain results. True micro current is very low intensity and sub sensory and does not cause a visible contraction unlike many home units.
Evidnce for the benefits of micro-current has been gathered in clinical tests and in the field of electro-medicine since the 80’s.
The delicate eye area is often the first area of the face to show signs of ageing. Remember with anti-ageing “Start young to avoid disappointment”


Venus Viva  impressively treats puffy eyes , dark circles ans skin laxity.

The Viva can be set to treat this delicate area of the face without downtime or discomfort.

A short 20 min treatment that clearly delivers results

Skeyndor HA Eye contour and eyelash treatment

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of the body. Its main objective is to capture and retain moisture in the skin. Skeyndor HA combines hyaluronic of different molecular weights which was emphasised by the chemist and product developers when I recently visited their factory in Barcelona. This allows deep hyration of the skin as well as surface smoothness. A hydrated skin is a healthy skin.

Skeyndor offer potent professional treatments combining small amounts of concentrated product, electrotherapy, specialised massage and home care.

A new innovative treatment from SKEYNDOR .
POWER HYALURONIC EYES and LASHES. The eye contour is particularly susceptible to signs of ageing. The skin in this area is thin and fragile. This treatment focuses entirely on the eye area and includes a fantastic massage to lift the lids and diminish under eye bags using both hands and small metal balls. An impregnated veil mask follows to smooth and soothe this delicate area.


Medik8 Eye Peel

To understand the benefit of skin peeing with a specific and selected product it is helpful to understand the structure of the skin a little. The outer layer of the skin is known as the epidermis and forms a protective barrier for the body. It needs to be intact and function efficiently to retain moisture in the body and infections out and is it helps regulate our body temperature and it is vitally important to protect these functions . Severely damaged skin may heal with scar tissue which may be discoloured or de-pigmented. The thickness of the skin varies from area to area on the body and from individual to individual.
Increasingly skin peeling treatments are becoming more popular with medical aesthetic practitioners but these peels are a new generation of skin care. Previously Doctors performed peels that removed the entire top layer of skin which resulted in tightening of the skin through scarring. This is no longer the only or preferred option. Lighter peels applied for longer and in a series will achieve excellent results with the skin appearing more naturally radiant and healthy rather than blanched and frail which is an aged rather than youthful look. Essential to skin regeneration is the stimulation of growth factors which rebuild, repair and produce collagen and elastin for tighter, smoother skin without scarring.


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