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Plasma corrector treatment is recommended for the eye, jaw and neck area.The chin area can also benefit if open pores are visible using a ‘scarifying ‘ protocol that has less recovery time but plasma correction around the eye is most popular. Age spots respond really well as do small skin anomalies. The client needs first to have these seen by their G.P. before contacting Daydreams. This has not proved a problem and medics have given permission freely. Plasma eye correction does not require this authorisation.

Plasma correction would have been the ideal treatment to have prior to lock down if only we had known exactly when it was coming because this effective eye treatment does require down time. When treating the face for the best part of a week the treated area is covered with small brown scabs which need to come away naturally. After that the area appears with tiny red pin prick marks. It is important to keep away from the sun  until completely healed. Results with the Accor plasma cosmetic corrector are visible and measurable. Good results around the eyes are gained with a single treatment. Subsequent treatment cannot be delivered before 3 months.Treating just the smile lines and not the lid reduces the recovery. The skin around the eye feels and looks smoother. Under the eyebrow and in the eyesocket the tightening feels most intense and the eye lid opens especially at the outer edge which is the wealest point and where the skin folds. The plasma pen works by vaporising a single point on the skin surface causing an immediate tightening. Working over the surrounding area gains an accumulative effect.with results improving over a period of weeks.

During Covid19 I registered on a webinair led by Doctors who were discussing various techniques for rejuvenation around the eye.In the main they were focused on the lower lid, dark circles and hollows and for them their go to  remedy was filler and toxin but there was also discussion on  energy based devices for eyelid rejuvenation. Ablative and non ablative resurfacing, micro needling, radio frequency and plasma. I must confess their slide of the plasma work was a very poor untidy example which brings us back as always to quality training and devices in order to deliver good treatment and outcome.


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