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The bT-Cocktails are my favourite professional skincare within the Bio-therapeutic range. They are a strategic 3 part energy system to fuel your skin for rapid, long lasting results. I use them in the professional salon treatment but the good work  can be continued with the retail  homecare regime.This is a 40 day routine so ideal in the build up to an important celebration such as a wedding or birthday. This is a comfortable , relaxing treat.

Our skin is our single largest organ and as with every living cell requires enormous amounts of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to function. ATP is the energy source that supports all living things. In youth we can dance all night and work all day as the body has the capability to replenish ATP quickly and efficiently  but as time goes by this process slows down and down.The Bt-Cocktail allows for optimal cellular health. They create an environment that enhances and improves the capability of ATP production and so the appearance of your skin visibly improves.

Bt-cocktail ia an award winning three part energy system. The key ingredients optimise the water balance of the skin so increasing flexibility, hydration and natural cellular energy.

Bt Cocktail. THE ULTIMATE ATP SYNTHESIS – 6 treatments for the price of 5.