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NEW  peel range for ageing, blemished, pigmented skin.

Medik8 Professional peels  can be received at 2 week intervals with variable degrees of recovery over 2 days. Vitamins C , A and sunscreen as homecare should be considered part of the peel regime.

Skin peels are a cosmetic treatment that loosens the bonding on the skin surface resulting in a visibly smoother appearance. Peels  are categorised according to the depth they penetrate. Deep can be dramatic but discomfort and healing will be greater. Medik8 has introduced a  new peel range suitable for ageing, damaged and blemished skin types as well as fading of hyper-pigmentation.Peels can dramatically enhance the skin by stimulating cell turnover. After one peel improvement is noticeable. Following multiple superficial peels significant improvement is seen significant in wrinkled, photoaged skin. Peels can also improve acne prone skin by regulating clogged pores and sterilising acne outbreaks whilst not damaging the surrounding skin. To be effective peeling agents must penetrate the skin barrier with the minimal irritation. Vitamin A and C promote rapid post treatment healing.= and promote optimum skin health.

Best results are achieved when the client is able to keep a peel on their skin for a maximum time but there are traditionally irritation challenges. The discomfort is created by the rapid penetration of the acid int the tissue. Medik8 incorporates a time release factor into all of their peels which does not effect strength but does minimise irritation. Even the stronger peels perform without extra client discomfort.

Dull complexions with uneven texture and open pores respond wonderfully and Spring and autumn are good seasons  to revive complexions but treatment can be enjoyed at any time of year as long as correct sun protection measures are adhered to post treatment. Medik8 professional  peels have low irritation levels and suitable for most skin issues. Patch testing is advised as there are certain contraindications and peel precautions especially with skin of colour. Experience has proved that the use of topical vitamins C and A prior to and throughout the treatment period maximise the results. C gives antioxidant protection and aids collagen production and A encourages cell turnover and healing. Sunscreen and limited sun exposure are essential to  protect your new complexion.

Peptides are viewed with suspicion by some but they are highly effective in concentrated small doses and specific targets. Many peptides can be readily and rapidly absorbed by the bloodstream and so are particularly useful with wound healing and within skin care products. Medik 8 Liquid Peptides is a new water based cocktail of 30% peptide blends with a pioneering delivery system. Can be applied day or night.

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