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Eye linerPermanent eyeliner. A  beauty bonus for late nights and early mornings. Never be seen without!

It may now be too late to have permanent make for the Christmas party season but this treatment is one which will benefit you all year round..

Tattooed permanent brows do not disappear at the gym or in the pool but provide  definition from the moment you wake up. Make up without the sweat of applying it or the anxiety of sweat wiping it way! Such a confidence boost. My sister had never entertained the idea of a tattoo procedure and I doubt my late brother in law would have endorsed it but when I had her on the couch earlier this year for another treatment I made my move. We bladed her brows. She loves them and what a difference when just chilling around the house with the children.

Busy life style, outdoor pursuits, poor eyesight or dexterity. All reasons to consider the convenience of the cosmetic enhancement .

There is a discount when having 2 procedures ie. brows and liner.

PERMANENT MAKE -UP and MICROBLADING  benefit different people in different ways.

Today I corrected an uneven lip shape on a client who in the spring had her brows cosmetically tattooed and since has enjoyed a diving holiday without the anxiety of entering the water with penciled brows and surfacing without. Now she has even more to smile about.

Yesterday a young lady who doesn’t wear make-up and has brows that are so sparse you cannot see them. Microblading gave her a natural shape comprising of just hair strokes and sat completely comfortably on her face. This method gives a more subtle effect and is not for the client who wants a bold or dramatic image.

The day before I ambitiously decided to tattoo my own eyeliner. I have for years tattooed under my eye but it is a long time since I had the upper rim defined. Work in progress but pleased!

Tomorrow brows for a lady who has no natural hair on her brow and wants to loose the frustration of trying to draw matching brows in every morning.

This  appointment is followed by a ‘regular’ client who has worn tattooed brows for 12 years. This will be her 4th colour refresh. She first had the procedure for a trip to Australia. Simple treatment as the shape is still very visible but sun and time has effected the true pigment colour.

Wake up with make up. You won’t regret it.