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Plasma upper face correction.

accor corrrector penPlasma Pen

A Plasma Pen is a hand held device that vaporises a small pin point of skin. This causes a tightening of the tissue and can be used as correction on crow’s feet, frown lines and upper eye lid.

It is not without some recovery time but this is relative. The Accor corrector pen uses a unique low frequency output that allows for quicker treatment time and recovery. It is a German design of 5 years but made in the U.K

During the initial healing phase the skin drys and scabs leaving the skin pink. This resolves and the skin is left extremely even and lifted. It is essential to have good sun protection for 2 weeks.

A single treatment will achieve sustained long lasting results but a second treatment if required cannot be delivered before 3 months..

My personal experience was 1 week of significant recovery/healing and a second week of dryness and pinkness. My swelling was minimal but I have seen it more pronounced on my clients in the days immediately after treatment.

The scabs are small brown pinpoints but a tinted camouflage recovery cream is provided.

My redness was more aggressive than have I seen on anyone else so each client will differ. I am very delicate! Regardless I think this is an amazing treatment to be able to offer in the salon at such a competitive price.

I have available a flyer that gives information on client suitability and  outcomes so please contact Daydreams with an e-mail (ask@daydreamsbeauty.co.uk) if you are interested.

The introductory offer is 50% discount on upper eyelid lift will be £150: crow feet and frown lines  £90




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Plasma upper face correction.

Plasma Pen A Plasma Pen is a hand held device that vaporises