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Part of the joy of being involved with the beauty and aesthetic industry is it is such a vibrant and growing business. Professional Beauty London was an example with many new treatments and product, being show cased and launched.

So what was on show?

On the live stage I watched a new anti-ageing treatment which had come to my attention in a medical aesthetic journal. I am investigating further here in the salon this month (March). Each new system I embrace edges into the areas that only surgery was previously recommended for. Updates here. I am off to have my first plasma lift on Saturday so I’ll be reporting back!

I’m back and 2 weeks on job done. I have had an eyelid lift and I am pleased. I will probably have a second treatment in 3/4 months time but the difference is noticeable to all. Without doubt there is recovery time of a week for the swelling and the scabs to come away. The treatment time is brief. The 3 treatment options I am now trained in are eyelid lift, crows feet and frown lines.


I attended two seminars focusing on microblading and permanent make-up led by NOUVEAU CONTOUR PERMANENT COSMETICS. Micro blading is increasingly popular with clients who want the natural brow and I picked up a tip or two.


On the CRYSTAL CLEAR stand I was introduced to their Quartz spa ritual range which has recently launched. Hope, Happiness and Energise fragrances. Candles and body oils. Something for later in the year but smelt divine.


Meeting and greeting is all part of the day and my new Skinbrands Rep. who deals with my MEDIK8 and REVITALASH accounts ironed out a few problems for me. Medik8 have some lovely masks for the professional facials but I struggle to get the Radiance mask to the right consistency so was overjoyed to hear it is being reformulated. Talking of masks SKEYNDOR should be dispatching their new retail mask range to Daydreams any day now. MY MASKS are an Earth Mask Collection inspired by the power of nature with some very interesting ingredients to purify, illuminate and hydrate. Strawberry seeds, charcoal, volcanic sand amongst a few.


LYCON wax company are introducing a new Pinkini wax range with skin care for intimate waxing ‘to fall in love with’. The ultimate Brazillian care colllection. We already use a selection of their stripless waxes including Dream xxx and specially formulated pre and post wax preparations. Pinkini is a premium finely blended line with a very soft, seductive, look so Ill give it a try. Anything to enhance the experience because you’re worth it!


I stocked up on my aromatherapy oils from ABSOLUTE AROMAS and was introduced to a new oil, Lemon Myrtle. Very lively. Ordinarily from their blends my favourite is Romance because I love the fragrance of Jasmin which is also in De-Stress. it!

Aroma Oils


BIO-THERAPEUTIC had a show promotion which is always tempting. I have restocked with professional serums but they have some interesting pieces of equipment that I still have my eye on. They are my old favourite for all round general ageing and skin welfare and treatment can be adapted for express delivery which is always attractive to some busy clients who want a pamper or a quick but positive result in a limited time frame.


INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ANTI-AGEING presented on the importance of Vit A and I now have in stock Vit A capsules whereas previously I was only stocking the Skin Complete double combination of Vit A and anti-oxidants. IIAA have announced new training workshops for 2018 beginning with 2 on photo-damaged skin and pigmentation but no dates yet. 2 difficult conditions so any new advice welcome.

Skin Vit A+


I purchased a range of OPI INFINITE SHINE nail polish which air dry in minutes for an 8 day finish. The base and top coats make a dynamic duo to protect against discolouration of the mail. Whilst Daydreams does not have a nail focus we are about healthy good looks and to that end offer the Naitique therapeutic manicure to protect and nourish hands and nails. Nailtique has a limited colour range for really damaged nails but often clients just wear the appropriate clear protein until the nails are strong again. Nailtque homecare proteins are popular especially after time wearing artificial overlays or gels. but it is exciting to have a larger colour palette for both hands and feet. A super strong and shiny finish. 


accor corrrector penOur inclination to be dissatisfied with our appearance drives innovation and development in the aesthetic arena. The choice of product and treatment can be overwhelming but professional products recommended by a professional can achieve so much. A small treat where someone else is focusing on your well being can make such a difference.

I always say constructive discontent is a positive reaction which is why I am off to have some work on my eyelids. Everything trialed and tested by myself. This time there will be some recovery time but nothing in comparison to surgery or that a fringe and dark glasses won’t hide.

We need to focus on enhancing our best features as well as some correction. When we feel good we relate and perform so much better. Managing expectation and understanding is key to good relations. The plasma correction I am embarking upon can be a stand alone treatment or depending on the gravity of the situation a second treatment at 3/4 months may be arranged.

Self esteem is something I love to see blossom in clients.

It happens when good results are achieved. This may be on acne prone skins or skin blemishes or when thread veins are corrected and even when fatigued, dull complexions are revitalised.


I am always curious when a new client arrives to Daydreams. What motivated them to come at this come at this particular time. It may be simply that they have arrived at a time where they have the time and finance to invest in themself. Increasingly the message at conferences is for the practitioner to make each treatment bespoke to protect the clients individuality and carefully enhance their strengths rather than applying a one looks suits all approach. Nothing looks more bizarre and in some instances ugly. Naturally as therapist my inclination is to build understanding with the client.

Womens Day of Prayer March 2nd.