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Our eyes are precious and the eye area needs especially careful attention. Daydreams has some special ‘treats’

Nothing stands still in the world of aesthetics. I am currently getting up to speed with new product innovations within 2 of the brands that Daydreams embraces.. Medik8 and Skeyndor.

.Medik8 is a British brand which favours small batch production with eco responsible packaging and are very competitively priced. Recently I spent a day of advanced product knowledge training with Medik8 as they have recently embraced a rebrand and introduced several new products. For me Medik8’s range of Retinols is exceptional. They are varied, non irritating, easy application, very affordable and deliver excellent  results. Medik8 Eye Retinol costs only £19 and has an easy spatula application to avoid wastage. It can be applied over and under the eye nightly after being phased into your bedtime routine.

Skeyndor’s home is Barcelona and it is a very progressive, scientific range. I have trained at their headquarters and visited their laboratory just outside the city. The brand  appears more complex but in essence  delivers small amounts of concentrated product into the skin with the aid of electrotherapy. Where Skeyndor excells is they combine the science with the ultimate treatment experience. The facials routines are innovative and exciting. I enjoyed a training update with the Skeyndor team at the beginning of this year and I knew they would  introduce me yet again to a new world of facial massage and manouevres with which to delight clients.

TIMELESS PRODIGY  EYE TREATMENT is their newest treasure and promises to be special and has now been introduced to Daydream’s clients. This is a home care package of eye mask and serum. 4 masks to be applied once a week and the serum day and night.

Meanwhile if you are suffering with weary de-hydrated eyes Skeyndor Hyaluronic Eye treatment is a special salon treatment that drains, hydrates and refreshes the upper face. The eye veil (mask) is saturated in nutrients, cool and soothing and feels totally indulgent. As always with Skeyndor treatment regimes there is a specific massage and  here is one devised for the eye area.