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Safe microblading.

Safe micro-blading must be your first consideration. Eyebrow Microblading requires attention to safety and protection from cross infection is vitally important. Daydreams has always used used an autoclave to sterilise equipment but now all hand tools as well as  blades/needles are single use and disposed of lawfully. Just prior to Covid19 lockdown new tools and blade configurations became available so l am using the opportunity to familiarise myself with these and enhance my micro-blading eyebrow artistry. The new glider handle is extremely comfortable to operate and most importantly the blades install without any handling. All this adds safety and reliability to the eyebrow treatment procedure and the glider itself is single use. Skills need to be kept finely so I continue on my practice mat drawing small hair like strokes in varying lengths and directions to create a perfect natural effect brow. 

New pigments containing flax oil have been  introduced which are proving to be smoother and truer so another improvement for eyebrow microblading.

The principle of pigment implanting is simple but repeatedly I hear how big the benefits are, especially the impact on self confidence. The reassurance that your brows are definitely  in the right place and will stay placed is a great morale boost and time saver. Eyebrows definitely diminish with time (age) so reinstating volume is anti-ageing. I’m sure during Covid19 lockdown many whilst not wearing make-up on a daily basis wished when they looked in the mirror they saw eyebrows.

Every technician has their own style. Mine is not an exaggerated one. My policy is to negotiate a shape and colour with my client and proceed cautiously giving consideration to what eyebrow hair they do have and the outcome they wish to see. The charge includes a second appointment to check the cosmetic tattoo has healed well but this also provides an opportunity to extend the work if required. Many women want to reclaim the eyebrows of their youth and the hair stroke technique allows short eyebrows to be extended and sparse eyebrow to be thickened, irregularities corrected all of which gives an encouraging anti-ageing lift to the face. My aim with this treatment is to gain the same pleasure and satisfaction as the client.