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Virtual Mesotherapy explained.Skincare delivery

Mesotherapy was developed in France as a medical treatment but now is a cosmetic phrase and procedure for correcting skin conditions without surgery. It relies upon small doses of concentrated, active product being targeted into the area needing correction. The skin serves as a barrier and depends upon the skin surface being intact. Skincare products are required to penetrate and move through the outer skin to be effective. The condition and health of the outer layer of the skin is a critical factor as is skin hydration.  Active ingredients can be delivered into the skin via the hair follicles and the sweat glands or on a route across or between the tightly packed horny outermost skin cells.

Skeyndor have developed a virtual mesotherapy  range of treatment which have proved highly effective in treating sagging skin and photo-ageing. No side effects, pain or risk. The two basic tools involved in virtual mesotherapy by Skeyndor are the technology and the professional product. The molecular size of actives in formulations is key to penetration and retention.The electrical stimulation facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients to the intra dermal layers of the skin The science Skeyndor adopted  came from research done in the US and was part of the Nobel Prize awarded for chemistry in 2003.

Skin Hydration is critical to product transportation and Skeyndor’s virtual mesotherapy treatments. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body. Its function is to capture and importantly retain moisture within the skin tissue. Power Hyaluronic  combines hyaluronic acid of varying weights to obtain an optimum level of skin hydration both deep in the tissue and well being on the skin surface.