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Medik8 Liquid Peptides combines well with the light peel

Skin peels are a cosmetic treatment that loosens the bonding on the skin surface resulting in a visibly smoother appearance.Peels  are categorised according by  the depth they penetrate. Deep can be dramatic but discomfort and healing will be greater. Medik8 Light Peel is a new peel and is suitable for acneic, lightly scarred and lightly wrinkled skin types.

Dull complexions with uneven texture and open pores respond wonderfully and Spring is the time to wake our systems up. Medik8 Light peel has low irritation and suitable for most concerns. Special £10 saving during May 2019 . Down to £58.

Peptides are viewed with suspicion by some but they are effective with small doses and specific targets. Many peptides can be readily and rapidly absorbed by the bloodstream and so are particularly useful with wound healing and within skin care products. Medik 8 Liquid Peptides is a new water based cocktail of 30% peptide blends with a pioneering delivery system. Can be applied day or night.

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