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The treatment of Red Veins.

It is possible to non-evasively remove unsightly red veins with just the touch of a fine probe on the skin’s surface. Some have naturally ‘rosy ‘ complexions which is a characteristic they have inherited but frequently it is a skin condition that develops with time and age in an inflammatory condition known as Rosacea. The small facial blood vessels dilate unpredictably generally on the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. The tendency to blush easily may begin in adolescence and progress by middle age. The persistent inflammation leads to permanent dilation and a generalised red flush. 

Seasons when it is not too hot nor too cold are a good times of year to consider treatment. Dilated capillaries also known as “thread veins” or “red veins” are capillaries that have expanded and broken or ruptured onto the skin surface. The blood becomes seeps out, becomes trapped and appears as a tiny network of veins. When the veins are cauterised with the Epil 2000 high frequency current they dry and the blood disperses through the normal body system.Cheeks and nose are the most common areas to find dilated capillaries but they may appear on all areas of the face and body.

Although the causes of thread veins may be hereditary other causes could be circulatory issues,smoking, alcohol, extreme environmental conditions, allergies, incorrect skin care, high blood pressure, injury, pregnancy, excessive sunbathing or sunbeds or just because the skin is sensitive or fragile. Initially post treatment the area will look more prominent as dry blood takes on a deeper purple tone so it is advisable to plan your appointment for a time when your diary is quiet. Within the week most areas will have resolved themselves and camouflage ie. make -up can be applied after 36 hrs. It follows that the most prominent areas are most obvious and take longer to settle. A treatment session may last 10- 30 minutes. If the area is large further treatment can be arranged 4-6 weeks on.

I begin the process slowly so as to assess the reaction of the skin and will continue to reassess when working in different areas. The aim is to have minimal skin reaction but there will be some redness.The healing capacity does vary person to person. Post treatment an aftercare gel is applied and a sachet for home use provided. During the healing process the area must not be exfoliated or scratched and heat treatments such as sauna, steam or sun avoided.The area must be left wtihout interference for 24 hrs. Spider Naevi respond well to high frequency which means they can often be removed in a single treatment.. A naevi has a central red body which blanches out when pressure is applied and has small radiating capillaries that give the impression of the legs of a spider hence the name. Needles are individually wrapped, single use and disposed of according to environmental law.