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Love the name! New category of wrinkles and there is no doubt that too much alcohol has an adverse effect on the skin.

It can appear flushed but always dehydrated and subsequently lined. The dehydration slows collagen production. Movement lines naturally appear pronounced over time but tend to be few but poor hydration within the skin tissue may lead to an acceleration and  often a smocking effect across the face.

I am delighted with the results The Venus Viva is achieving even in some challenging cases when neither age nor home routines are  favourable. Managing client expectation is always important but with the Viva I can dare to promise excellent results. Twice last week I was taken aback when I saw clients post treatment . The first had had only 1 treatment a week before and could see for herself the obvious  visible improvement. The other client I nearly failed to recognise 3 weeks after their 3rd treatment.

Since first working with the Venus Viva I have adjusted treatment protocols and down time is very manageable. Clients are thirsty for more. A first treatment can throw a response that takes a few hours to resolve but subsequent treatments resolve more quickly even if the energies have been increased. Venus is a magnificent tool to energise the skin, smooth the skin surface and stimulate the collagen production.

Sara d


Love the name! New category of wrinkles and there is no doubt