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Hair V Go

Hair V Go

Hair V Go ™ is a  revolutionary profession alkaline hair removal treatment formulated to remove and reduce fine, fluffy hair painlessly from the face or other areas of the body. This type of hair can be dense and difficult to remove. Large areas can be treated quickly...

Facial hair

Daydreams has a new treatment for treating the finer more downy hair on the face. Blond, white, grey and red Vellus hair does not respond well to light based therapies such as laser & IPL and results are poor even with darker hair which is fine. I t is difficult...
Champagne /truffles.Luxury facial

Champagne /truffles.Luxury facial

Champagne and truffles. What is there to dislike? Timeless Prodigy is an exclusive combination of luxury and science with a sensory experience, in the form of a Serum, Cream and Professional Salon Treatment. Utilising the latest cosmetic science to reverse the passage...
Facing another year 2017

Facing another year 2017

Turn back the clock in 2017 Peri and post-menopausal women are producing less oestrogen and with the journey into midlife higher skincare maintenance is required if a there is an aspiration to regulate the skin ageing process. There are no set rules with age related...

Face your 40’s

Your face’s future at 40.  Facial worry lines and folds can develop earlier but by the age of 40 they will almost certainly be etching themselves onto even a well maintained face. It is the vertical worry and smile lines especially that make one look older. Whilst...

Skin peeling doesn’t have to be scary

Skin peeling is designed to give a visible improvement in smoothness to the skin surface whilst retaining its integrity and you your identity! Skin peels are usually categorised by their penetration depth. Medik8 offers 3 levels of peel …superficial, medium and...