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Daydream Gift Vouchers

What is so special about Daydreams gift vouchers?  All treatments and product are varied to achieve the very best results for the client. Treatment time is totally devoted to treatment with no agenda for product sales. It is a time of attention to and indulgence of...

The eyes have ‘it’

Results with the Accor plasma cosmetic correcor are visible and measueable.Good results around the eyes are gained with a single treatment. The skin feels and looks smoother.Without touching the skin the plasma pen vaporises a single point on the skin surface causing...


Are you a candidate for Venus Viva Bright Eyes treatment? Venus Viva is safe for all skin types and with the Bright Eyes treatment there is no downtime. Venus Viva works well for those who want a rejuvenation procedure that needs no recovery time .Noticeable...
Facial red veins

Facial red veins

EPIL 2000 and the treatment of Red Veins. It is possible to non-evasively remove unsightly red veins with just the touch of a fine probe on the skin’s surface. Some have naturally ‘rosy ‘ complexions but generally it is a skin characteristic that...


Mesotherapy explained. Mesotherapy was developed in France as a medical treatment but now is a cosmetic phrase and procedure for correcting skin conditions without surgery. It relies upon small doses of concentrated, active product being targeted into the area needing...
micro blading made better

micro blading made better

Daydreams has always used used an autoclave to sterilise equipment and blades/needles are single use and disposed of lawfully. I have now been introduced to a new tool for microblading. The glider handle which is extremely comfortable to operate and the blades install...