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Beauty training is never complete.Ongoing training and gaining expertise in one’s profession whatever it is will be  essential if you want to prosper. Forever I have engaged in this and it has never been a hardship.They say there is no such thing as standing still. You are either moving ahead or falling behind Beauty shows and exhibitions are annual events but over the years have changed and Covid19 has seen them cancelled for 2020. One of the biggest changes at these shows was the appearance of men! This happened when technology and equipment became more sophisticated and involved and the stakes were raised. The salesman suddenly took center  stage. I have seen the same individuals representing different companies each year swearing they have the best product and the truth is that each year there are new developments and it is difficult to keep up. I remind myself that the skin structure and how it renews doesn’t change but we are all striving to find the product or piece of equipment that will accelerate or maintain tissue functions most dramatically and come within budget. Equipment for the beauty industry is priced like any other new electrical device. Outrageously expensive in the first instance but as competition increases and more choice becomes available the price comes down. I have purchased equipment that was almost certainly the prototype and hugely expensive but I saw its potential . My first Crystal Clear machine was a crude tin box which was heavy and awkward. Nobody knew what micro-dermabrasion was in the early 90’s! I still use an updated machine today. Similarly my purchase of a class 4 laser was a fantastic price but the cost of a treatment was £800 twenty years ago. Today I can get equally good anti-aging results with my Venus Viva which cost me 4 times less than the class 4 laser and this is naturally reflected in the cost to clients.

Over the time I have moved away from beauty shows to conferences and exhibitions hosted by the medical aesthetic industry. Basically my industry  has been taken over by nurses and dentists and Doctors and the titles become ever more creative. Celebrity facialists! I have attended training with groups of attendees who have never been involved in skincare but have invested with a manufacturer and are going to work according to the manual. Interestingly I have followed some of these practices and they have not all flourished. I think it can be forgotten how labour intensive the work is, how important building and maintaining relationships is and crucially managing client expectation. A further significant development is cosmeceuticals, Doctors began to develop their own labels when they realised that premium home care alongside  clinic treatment is essential to gain and maintain results.

.I have always tried to increase my own skills as well as purchasing state of the arc technology for the best experience and outcome for my clients. Home schooling during lockdown for me will include refining my microblading techniques on a practice pad,  upgrading my Ayuvedic facial massage by attending the online class in addition to the webinair frenzy. Fortunately I had an amazing advantage from the beginning of my career as my training had a higher entry level so could offer a much broader education than students have today. Cosmetic chemistry, advanced anatomy and physiology, business art and design in addition to vocational training with highly experienced tutors, physiotherapists and doctors.I absolutely love the industry.

2020 saw me struggling to find conferences offering new topics not relating to injectables. It is amazing how the surgical market peaked and then was replaced with toxin and fillers. So lockdown has brought education to me in the comfort of my home. Wonderful. I have been invited to join beauty training seminars being conducted on the other side of the world as well as some excellent training from my established suppliers. In the diary for May are a range of subjects. It is not all new material but interesting to hear different industry experts sharing their case studies and experiences.. Another joy is time  to read and re read professional journals and articles.


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