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Daydreams Beauty Special Offer

Still time to have a carefree summer with perfect brows.Whatever the weather Microbladed brows stay perfectly postioned come rain or shine, whether in the pool, on the beach or relaxing in the garden.                                                                                                                                                 Promotion. June 3rd - 30th 2019. 10% discount .£198. book a free patch test and consultation now!



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Handy information

We all know that hands and necks are two areas that are sure to give away our actual age but still we neglect them. Of course all we need to do is spread our face serums a bit further. But do we? Medik 8 have just had the 'bright ' idea of creating a hand cream using...

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Re-charge your skin with a cocktail

The bT-Cocktails are my favourite professional skincare within the Bio-therapeutic range. They are a strategic 3 part energy system to fuel your skin for rapid, long lasting results. I use them in the professional salon treatment but the good work  can be continued...

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Hair V Go

Hair V Go ™ is a  revolutionary profession alkaline hair removal treatment formulated to remove and reduce fine, fluffy hair painlessly from the face or other areas of the body. This type of hair can be dense and difficult to remove. Large areas can be treated quickly...

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Facial hair

Daydreams has a new treatment for treating the finer more downy hair on the face. Blond, white, grey and red Vellus hair does not respond well to light based therapies such as laser & IPL and results are poor even with darker hair which is fine. I t is difficult...

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Champagne /truffles.Luxury facial

Champagne and truffles. What is there to dislike? Timeless Prodigy is an exclusive combination of luxury and science with a sensory experience, in the form of a Serum, Cream and Professional Salon Treatment. Utilising the latest cosmetic science to reverse the passage...

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Facing another year 2017

Turn back the clock in 2017 Peri and post-menopausal women are producing less oestrogen and with the journey into midlife higher skincare maintenance is required if a there is an aspiration to regulate the skin ageing process. There are no set rules with age related...

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Face your 40’s

Your face’s future at 40.  Facial worry lines and folds can develop earlier but by the age of 40 they will almost certainly be etching themselves onto even a well maintained face. It is the vertical worry and smile lines especially that make one look older. Whilst...

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Skin peeling doesn’t have to be scary

Skin peeling is designed to give a visible improvement in smoothness to the skin surface whilst retaining its integrity and you your identity! Skin peels are usually categorised by their penetration depth. Medik8 offers 3 levels of peel ...superficial, medium and...

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Brows(e) your options

Eyebrows continue to be a 'big beauty feature' . That is not to say they have to be big or bold for everyone. A client came in today and I immediately noticed her brows. Soft, flattering and feminine. I had completely forgotten they had been bladed. Micro-blading is...

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SKEYNDOR  have launched an exciting new professional treatment product to be used with their mesotherapy machine for deep penetration New Meso BT Lift with action peptides: 2 “Botox-type” and 1 “Snake venom-type”. Dynamic wrinkle relaxer combined with lifting effect....

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Jowl dropping news

Should that read jaw drooping! Sadly sagging jowls are a common complaint so let us examine what non-surgical, less invasive, low risk treatments and technologies DAYDREAMS has to offer. Often multiple modalities are required to achieve an aesthetically pleasing...

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Introducing Micro-blading eyebrows

These pictures are taken at time treatment. Micro-blading eyebrows is big news and at this time the price offered at Daydreams is extremely competitive at £175. The phrase I am hearing most is "I Love them" THE TREATMENT HAS JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT BETTER. It was fair to...

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Venus Viva Testimonials

Client after 2nd treatment. Such a good result - I am thrilled as this time I can see an obvious difference. Seems to have taken years off me - I get a glimpse of how I used to look when younger when I look in the mirror. Another very satisfied customer.... C.R Client...

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Venus Viva Invitation

Working with new, breakthrough technology has always been at the heart of Daydreams services and increasingly self interest has lead me to seek out anti ageing devices! The latest being the Venus Viva. The VENUS VIVA is creating head lines as an effective treatment...

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ATP. A Terrific Product

  Every month Daydreams has a promotion on a selected facial or service but a last minute decision to head off to New York for 2 nights over the bank holiday delayed the May promotion but got me thinking about my American suppliers. Bio-Therapeutic is a west...

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Wrinkle treatment

There is as always much going on in the aesthetic world. I love combining innovative  product alongside technology. !!! BRAND NEW MESO TREATMENT!!! Clients are loving this. An instant pluming and smoothing. The skin looks amazing post treatment. The two main areas...

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Mummy Tummy

Still time to grab a bargain. Daydreams hosted an open Venus event at  the beginning of June and the promotional prices hold until July 2016. Up to 50% saving on some packages.    As the sun begins to have a little warmth in it and the evenings draw out thoughts...

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Off with the old winter complexion

The NEWS is that temperatures are due to be rising and we are now seeing the signs of spring with flowers and blossom beginning to bloom. So time to restore a bloom to tired dull complexions. Skin peeling at some level is suitable for everyone. This is the ideal...

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Today, tomorrow and yesterday mothers

Motherhood is a great fantastic experience but one that can be exhausting from the outset! March is the month of special celebration for mothers, grand-mothers and mothers to be but I can assure you that pampering is welcome and appreciated at any time of year ....

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Winter hydration not hibernation

It may seem as if you have been wet for weeks with the awful weather but I doubt your skin is feeling hydrated. Hydration is not the same as the skin being 'greased' with a moisturiser to appear smooth. 80% of hydration happens deeper than the skin surface and is...

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