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Daydreams Beauty Special Offer

Improve your skin hydration during July at a reduced cost. Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic facial £55.

So many benefits. Immediate sensation of hydration. Improved appearance of skin and wrinkles caused by dehydration. Hyaluronic Acid +Aquaporin Activator. (list price£65)

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Mesotherapy explained. Mesotherapy was developed in France as a medical treatment but now is a cosmetic phrase and procedure for correcting skin conditions without surgery. It relies upon small doses of concentrated, active product being targeted into the area needing...

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micro blading made better

Daydreams has always used used an autoclave to sterilise equipment and blades/needles are single use and disposed of lawfully. I have now been introduced to a new tool for microblading. The glider handle which is extremely comfortable to operate and the...

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Light peel

Medik8 Liquid Peptides combines well with the light peel Skin peels are a cosmetic treatment that loosens the bonding on the skin surface resulting in a visibly smoother appearance.Peels  are categorised according by  the depth they penetrate. Deep can be dramatic but...

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MEDIK8 are a British company. Their mission  Beautiful Skin for Life.  For life ie. living is the difficult part. In the present  world our environment is ever more challenging . Time seems to be at a premium and we are bombarded through advertising and...

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New Eye care regimes for 2019

Our eyes are precious and the eye area needs especially careful attention. Daydreams has some special 'treats'Nothing stands still in the world of aesthetics. I am currently getting up to speed with new product innovations within 2 of the brands that Daydreams...

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Autumn skin peel promotion

Post summer is the perfect time to skin peel and there are a variety of ways to do that. Sun protection is vital after peeling so now that the sun has lost its strength it is an ideal time to book treatment. Daydreams has a range of peels and options which I am be...

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Unique skincare post summer

Skeyndor Unique ampoules are proving to be very popular because the concentrates are highly effective. They were designed primarily as a home care regime. 1 ampoule a day ,7 days a week and the results are visible but introducing them initially in an express salon...

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Waxing, a bare necessity

Summer 2018 was too hot to have body hair! Hair removal with wax is continually evolving. I have worked with hot waxes made up of beeswax and resin which were strong but brittle. (You had to get it right) ,sugaring pastes which were unbearably 'tacky' and stuck to the...

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Skin Moisture

Who thought we would have a drought! How to quench your skin's thirst in these high temperatures? The answer is Hyalurinoc acid(HA). This component occurs naturally in the body. It helps the skin tissue to retain its own moisture whilst also attracting moisture so is...

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Eye lid /frown/crow line lifting & tightening

Surgical eyelifts are costly and produce scars and results vary. Plasma Skin tightening for the upper lids, crows feet and frown lines is not costly and does not create scars and results are good and can be increased with subsequent treatments..  The Accor corrector...

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Plasma upper face correction

Plasma progress before, during and after A Plasma Pen is a hand held device that vaporises a small pin point of skin. This forces a tightening of the surface tissue and can be used as correction on crow’s feet, frown lines and upper eye lid. It is not without some...

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New treatments/product 2018

Part of the joy of being involved with the beauty and aesthetic industry is it is such a vibrant and growing business. Professional Beauty London was an example with many new treatments and product, being show cased and launched. So what was on show? On the live stage...

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Antipollution facial

New oxygen facial for 2018 Skeyndor Power Oxygen Infuse new life into your skin this spring. Refresh Every day our skins are contaminated by industrial activity and road pollution. It is not only those who live in the larger cities who are effected although their...

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Daydreams gift voucher

Give a Daydreams Gift Voucher this Christmas. Birthdays, anniversaries are exciting celebrations and a time for fun but it can be difficult to know what gift to give.What could be better than  a relaxing personal gift. A Daydreams Gift Vouchers is certainly that. They...

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Out with eye bags in with Venus Viva Bright Eyes..

Become a Venus Beauty. The full on summer weather can make it really hard to sleep well at night. The high frequency treatment drains the area gently and smooths the skin. Late nights or poor sleep patterns can leave you with heavy dark circles and a weary expression....

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Venus Viva.Top reviews

Venus Viva has been in the press with top reviews from aesthetic medics and before the year is out I want as many of you as possible to experience this amazing treatment. Downtime is reduced to a flush over an hour or two which in the world of modern aesthetics is...

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Winter protection: skin hydration

A facial to protect and  enjoy this winter Skeyndor POWER HYALURONIC 100% maximum hydration Winter protection - Superb facial for balancing the skin after outdoor exposure. Power Hyaluronic treatment obtains an optimum degree of skin hydration. Recommended for all...

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Permanent make-up brows /eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner. A  beauty bonus for late nights and early mornings. Never be seen without! It may now be too late to have permanent make for the Christmas party season but this treatment is one which will benefit you all year round.. Tattooed permanent brows do...

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Drinkles and Venus Viva

Love the name term drinkles. New category of wrinkles which reminds us of how too much alcohol has an adverse effect on the skin. It can appear flushed but always dehydrated and subsequently lined. The dehydration slows collagen production. Movement lines naturally...

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Tanning is ageing to the skin

SKIN AND TANNING Tanning is the skin’s natural response to UV rays. It is a cell mechanism triggered when the sun’s rays penetrate the skin and activate the production of melanin in order to protect the underlying tissue but this is insufficient to block all harmful...

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