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Beautiful Skin for Life needs vitamin C and A added.

Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy

In the present  world our environment is ever more challenging . Time seems to be at a premium and we are bombarded through advertising and media with product choices. During the Covid19 pandemic and lockdown just living became a challenge and we remember that tragically tens of thousands individuals lost the challenge. Utterly devastating for so many families especially when frequently  their loved ones were working to keep the world turning for the benefit of the majority.

Sometime we need to keep things simple, use logic and accept support and advice from reliable sources. You can  apply this simplicity to your skincare. Medik8 have a simple philosophy for beautiful skin. Vitamin C is vital in collagen production and a powerful anti-oxidant. Vitamin A acts to regenerate tissue.

  • Vitamin C in the morning applied under sunscreen.
  • Vitamin A in the evening.

Medik8 serums are hand crafted in small batches in their own registered labs. Product strength and how they release into the skin greatly effects their effectiveness. Medik8 selects chiraly correct ingredients which means they are readily accepted by the skin. For example L-ascorbic acid (Vit C).

Vitamin A is clearly documented by dermatologists as the premium ingredient for treating ageing skin but traditionally it was difficult to introduce without irritation and dryness. Medik8’s Time release technology allows the active ingredients to  be delivered gradually into the skin avoiding adverse reactions.

Limiting adverse reactions is of paramount importance for beautiful skin. Professional strength products should only be used after consultation with a trained skincare therapist.With technology always moving forward as therapists we have to keep ahead of the business of product knowledge. I am grateful to Medik8 for facilitating this.

The professional salon menu can appear complex with many similiar options which is why you should welcome a consultation where the objective is to establish outcomes, treatment and product options to achieve a  beautiful and youthful look. Today people on their 20’s are exposed to all the worst negative environmental factors known so don’t delay.

Interesting skincare quote and true in my experience    “Start at 30 and you could look 40 when you are 50”