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New oxygen facial for 2018

Skeyndor Power Oxygen

Infuse new life into your skin this spring. Refresh

Every day our skins are contaminated by industrial activity and road pollution. It is not only those who live in the larger cities who are effected although their plight is the greatest with particles literally attaching themselves to the skin.

Domestic pollution also  impacts on our skin function. It is compromised by heating systems , refrigeration, electronic equipment as well  cleaning agents.

When the skin is lacking in Oxygen it appears dull, reactive, dehydrated and ageing is accelerated. The Power Oxygen facial provides an antipollution filter and increases oxygen supply for cell renewal and skin luminosity.

This facial is a pleasure to experience and like all Skeyndor treatments the massage routine is both innovative, immensely relaxing and highly effective. The facial includes all the elements of cleansing, enzyme or glycolic deep cleansing to thoroughly prepare the skin for the oxygen serums and concentrate. Penetration is accelerated by the Skeyndor electrotherapy whilst the mask is designed to include the face, neck and decolletage. Over the years I have seen how problematic acne prone skin improves dramatically when the collagen and oxygen are increased in the tissue . The acne bacteria does not thrive in these conditions and healing does.