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A facial to protect and  enjoy this winter



100% maximum hydration

Winter protection – Superb facial for balancing the skin after outdoor exposure.

Power Hyaluronic treatment obtains an optimum degree of skin hydration. Recommended for all skin types and age groups.

The summer sun may dry our skins but winter chills, central heating and even car heaters can do just the same damage.

The power range from Skeyndor are seriously good affordable treatments. ( You can look forward to Power Oxygen in the near future )

Quality products based on award winning  research and innovation. The added bonus is these treatments are a massive pleasure to experience. Skeyndor training offers an unimaginable variety of massage techniques. I have been a therapist forever and never neglected continual professional development but the variety of massage routines alongside mesotherapy application surpasses all in terms of experience. The international ‘touch’ surpasses all.

HA INTENSIVE CONCENTRATE contains an extremely high concentration of Hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight for deep penetration and moisturizing of the deep epidermis. The facial includes massage with a non-oily gel HA ULTRA HYDRATING GEL which creates a protective film on the skin.

Properly hydrate your skin and improve the appearance of wrinkles with quality hyaluronic acid. HA is a component that naturally occurs in the skin Its main objective is to capture and retain moisture for the skin. A hydrated skin is a healthy skin and it shows. Every facial include a double cleanse and a preparatory exfoliation along side electrotherapy and sublime massage routines.

Visible results with each session


Professional treatment

50 mins.

Winter protection

The treatment begins with cleansing and then an exfoliation chosen to suit your skin type. This facilitates and enhances the penetration of the active substances.

The treatment combines massage, mask and Skeyndor electro-therapy to obtain optimum hydration levels in your skin.

The electro-therapy is completely comfortable.

Final effect is the skin feels luxuriously refreshed, subtle and alive.  Visibly saturated in the finest cosmeceuticals.