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Problem Skin

Problem Skin

Problem: ACNE and SCARRING
The purpose of Daydreams acne treatments is to quickly resolve sore, inflamed outbreaks, accelerate the healing process and strengthen the skin's natural barrier. Active acne vulgaris is a distressing condition that can plague men or women from adolescence to middle age. It scars both physically and psychologically. Adult or late onset acne is increasingly common with stress (sometimes referred to as career acne). Acne is essentially a hormone induced condition so a 'cure' may be difficult but what is obtainable is controlling the acne to comparitively fewer outbreaks, accelerating healing and avoiding cross infection.

Treatment Remedy:
Medik8 Beta Peel, mask and gel are designed specifically to address the acne condition. Alternative treatment can include a Galvanic deep pore facial, Jet M Lymphatic drainage, Aromatherapy or L.E.D. treatment.

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Hyper pigmentation generally exists from over exposure to the sun, hormonal issues or from post procedure complications. Before treatment, the thickness or fragility of the skin and the client’s age will be considered. Dark, superficial discolouration corrects more easily than pale but deep conditions.

Treatment Remedy:
Medik8 has introduced the complete anti pigmentation solution. White Peel, White Balance serum and day and night home care. These can be used to address all types of pigmentation problems :dark spots, age spots, freckles, sun damage and melasma.

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These are also known as red veins or broken capillaries. Causes may vary from hereditary, sun, environment, localise trauma, caffeine or alcohol but the same treatment applies.

Treatment Remedy: EPIL 2000 Thread Vein removal
This safe non invasive treatment is very specific. The finest of needles traces the capillary and blood without breaking the skin. The blood is dried and subsequently appears darker for a day or two before it disperses. Camouflage may be applied after 24 hrs. This is a very safe, effective and affordable treatment.

Problem: Rosacea skin condition.
Rosacea generally becomes apparent between the age of 35 and 55. Blood vessels primarily on the cheeks and nose become inflamed and thread veins and spots may appear. There is often a genetic link.

Treatment Remedy:
Medik8 Red Alert medi spa facial. This delicate treatment uses Vit. C to calm reactive skin and strengthen facial capillaries.

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Problem Skin

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