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Black Friday/Eve Pearl

This week sees Thanksgiving celebrations for all our American friends.’Have a good day’
Here in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk many of our business’ are supported by both military and civilians connected to the local USAF bases.
Thursday is the celebration day followed by Black Friday so called because it is a massive shopping day with many sales and promotions. Business accounts are shown either in red or black and this day is a big day for profit.
Yesterday Daydreams received a new order of Eve Pearl cosmetics. Introduced to the salon and in Daydreams online shop because this range is make-up with skincare. Daydreams is all about healthy complexions. Cosmetic nutrition is just what we want to promote. Minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins.
I am off to New York, home of the Eve Pearl make-up boutique, this week-end but will leave behind an online Eve Pearl make -up promotion.
Friday 27th to Monday 30th. Free postage .

Viva Venus Viva

Face and neck £300

• Patch test/consultation required.

Promotional prices until Dec .19th

• Save £70 on single treatment.

4 Treatments face/neck £600 SAVING £600 Limited period.

Here I am again delivering my Daydreams promise to bring ground breaking beauty treatments to my clients without the Harley Street price tag.
Many non –surgical aesthetic treatments are based on “injury” and “repair. The Venus Viva incorporates both concepts within one machine. A non-invasive aesthetic device for skin procedures requiring ablation and resurfacing (wrinkles, scars, open pores, texture) and sublative rejuvenation (increased collagen production)

1. The Venus Viva Nano-Fractional ablation is effective on the outer skin with gentle resurfacing leaving the underlying tissue completely intact and promoting cellular rejuvenation. The advantage of this system over skin needling is the parameters can be varied for each client and within each treatment plan to increase resurfacing or collagenisis or both.
DAYDREAMS PRICE will be £200 for each facial treatment and £300 for face plus neck.
3/4 TREATMENTS A MONTH APART RECOMMENDED for best effect but improvement seen after each session.

2. The Venus skin tightening Radio Frequency treatment can treat the face …around the eyes, neck, jowls as well as small body areas such as the hands, arms and décolletage. LIST PRICE £100. OPTIMUM RESULTS SEEN WITH 3-5 TREATMENTS WEEKLY. Promotional price until Dec. 29 £85. Treatment plans may differ for clients who have experienced radio frequency before & practice good skincare regimes .

I am told Venus Viva is available for £450 in Harley Street!! Recommendations on treatment frequency is based on the experience of clinics in America, Asia and Israel.

November eye promotion



This is proving to be a favourite treatment with me. It offers all the components of a really innovative and interesting treatment
It uses specific electrical equipment with product and a mask designed particularly for the eye area. The added delight is the wonderful massage, the choreography of which I have never seen before and the ingenious ball and spatula tool that adds yet another original dimension to the routine. This treatment is a pleasure to deliver and equally gentle and pleasurable to receive with wonderful results.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of the body. Its main objective is to capture and retain moisture in the skin. Skeyndor HA combines hyaluronic of different molecular weights which was emphasised by the chemist and product developers when I recently visited their factory in Barcelona. This allows deep hyration of the skin as well as surface smoothness. A hydrated skin is a healthy skin.

Skeyndor offer potent professional treatments combining small amounts of concentrated product, electrotherapy, specialised massage and home care.

A new innovative treatment from SKEYNDOR .
POWER HYALURONIC EYES and LASHES. The eye contour is particularly susceptible to signs of ageing. The skin in this area is thin and fragile. This treatment focuses entirely on the eye area and includes a fantastic massage to lift the lids and diminish under eye bags using both hands and small metal balls. An impregnated veil mask follows to smooth and soothe this delicate area.

For optimum results I recommend to combine the salon treatment with the COOLING EYELASH GEL at home. It should be applied twice a day for a youthful look and strong eyelashes .

Training and CPD

The Autumn months are an excellent time for training and there are a selection of medical aesthetic expos and conferences to subscribe to as well as the well known hair and beauty exhibitions.Of course I can’t attend them all but I look carefully to see where new products, topics or experts are being promoted and debated. This is a time of year to update training.
Last year it was the internationally recognised CPPC training in permanent cosmetics and updating my Blood Bourne Virus certificate. Keeping within the law and up to date always vitally important.

This year I attended CCR (Clincal, Cosmetic and Reconstructive) in London where there were a wealth of medical practitioners speaking and live demonstrations. Much of what I heard was educating those practitioners offering injectibles to embrace cosmeceuticals and skin health and fitness if they wanted to achieve client /patient satisfaction. Most salons do retail already whereas that is not always the case with nurses and Doctors and product knowledge and science can be time consuming to learn.
Offering multiple modalities was emphasised and I do agree because seldom does a client present one skin or ageing concern but rather a number of problems that need to be addressed. This is why it is vital to keep to have product knowledge, effective equipment and well trained hands to deliver the ultimate experience.

I am just home from my Master training in Barcelona with Skeyndor skincare where the research and innovative development of their cosmeceuticals was highlighted. A visit to the factory and presentations by the chemists and developers was included in the 3 day training. Cosmetic chemistry was part of my initial beauty culture training and again when I studied aromatherapy but now everything is massively advanced as demand grows for effective professional treatment and homecare products

Daydreams is certainly up to speed but blink and I might miss the next development.

Retinol based skincare

CCR 2015…Clinical, Cosmetic, Reconstructive Expo.
The anti-aging effects of Retinol based skincare on younger skin was one of the presentations I was eager to hear. It was delivered by Cosmetic Physician Dr.
My daughters are in their 30’s and both have been introduced to Medik8 Retinols. I myself was a late starter because until I embraced the Medik8 brand I found Retinol serums irritating and drying on my delicate skin. Retinol should be introduced to your skincare regime with the aim of preventing and treating both extrinsic and intrinsic features of aging. Used correctly it is completely safe. Introduce cautiously and if sensitivity is experienced leave the product off the skin for a day or two and the reintroduce.
Medik8 has a range of Retinol serums and they vary in strength. RT3; RT6; RT10. They are designed to slow release which reduces incidence of irritation. There is also RetinolEye which amazingly causes no irritation an can be used under the brow asnd around the eye socket. They are night products as they increase sun sensitivity. Remember the SPF next morning.

Venus Viva results

The positive feedback from treatment with Venus Viva continues to grow as clients see results and go forward for second and third treatments. Each client’s skin reacts in its own unique way and although the dowtime from treatment is minimal I do caution clients that they may be red or even very red in the hours following the procedure . This has varied considerably with some clients extremely flushed initially and others scarcely. The feeling can be compared to mild sunburn but normal activities can be resumed immediately and usually the skin calms itself within hours. Around the eyes along the cheek bone a slight swelling may be apparent but improvement in this area is often the first to be remarked upon. Emma called by the salon to tell me just this within the first week of her treatment.
After the first treatment the client gains confidence and treatment can be intensified where appropriate. Steph who has a poor, uneven textured skin from adolescent acne says she saw a smoothing on her cheeks after one treatment and is now awaiting her third. Having worked with difficult skin conditions for many years it is rewarding and heartening to be able to offer such a remedy for acne scarring. I am proud to be in possession of this innovative equipment . Nan-fractional smart-scan technology. Venus Viva

Acne Scarring.

Venus Viva a new treatment for acne scarring.Treating fresh red blemishes has always been possible but finding a satisfactory remedy for older, deeper acne scarring has been difficult.
Now Daydreams has a wonderful new procedure. Venus Viva nano fractional radio frequency to resurface and promote new collagen . A sequence of treatments is required and can be intensified and varied for degrees of resurfacing and collagenesis. Cost £200 but look out for promotions in the press.
When clients present acne the first salon procedure I want to perform is lymphatic drainage and I have the perfect machine in Jet M . It is non contact so risk of cross infection removed and the skin stays cool. The lymphatic system and circulation go hand in hand. The lymph system carries away infection whilst the circulation brings nutrients to the area for healing. Controlling sebum is necessary but the skin must not feel dry or tight or the natural response will be to increase sebaceous activity to alleviate the tightness. Unfortunately often when active acne has been resolved scarring is left behind. Venus Viva is giving good results even on scars of clients 50. Medik8 Retinols are my recommended home care .

Fractional resurfacng

Fraxel systems offering treatment for a variety of skin conditions have been available in the medical aesthetic for more than a decade . It is a proven technology with proven results. Fractional systems work from the skin surface down into the deeper tissue on different skin types and conditions.They have been associated with discomfort but the Venus Viva Smartscan technology delivers a comfortable even treatment.
Time and the passing years combined with lifestyle and environmental factors adversely affect the skin’s texture and tightness but scars from acne, injury or surgery can happen any time and prove difficult to resolve. Scars resulting from acne may appear either as indentations in the skin or red raised marks. They can remain for life and frequently have a psychological and emotional impact.We all want healthy and blemish free skin.
For many their hormone induced acne does resolve but the scars are a constant reminder.
The Venus Viva is a nano-fractional R.F device for scar resurfacing and improvement to skin texture. The unique feature of of the Viva is the scanner FX tip which delivers more energy more efficiently and with minimal discomfort. The controlled ablation allows treatment of the outer and inner skin.The number of treatments required will vary ultimately from client to client but I have seen impressive results within a week of first treatment. There is a little down time but results far outwaya few hours of redness.
Consultation and patch testing is required

Beautifully coloured brows.

Karen Betts permanent make up artist has just launched her own range of pigments for cosmetic tattooing. Yesterday I spent the day learning some intricate details about differences in pigments, inks and dyes at an education day she hosted in London
Choosing the correct colour for the client is a vital part of the process when tattooing eyebrows. The clients natural skin tone is one of the considerations. We enjoyed a little hands on play with paint and pigments with subtle differences in the mixing showing major differences on the skin. Learning through play!

Easy on the eyes

Skeyndor Hyaluronic Eye Contour and Eyelash treatment. £43.

Hay fever sufferers take note.

I have read a flood of information about swellings in the skin recently as well as having first hand experience.Around the eye can easily look puffy,swollen and fatigued if the incorrect serums or balms are applied to this delicate and sensitive part of the face or treated too aggressively. Always remove eye make up kindly with a dedicated eye product.
The eye area needs hydration without becoming awash with fluid.
Remember the skin on the eye lid is the thinnest on the body so go gently. This lower level of collagen makes the eye area more inclined to ’sag’ and ‘crow’s feet’ appear but less is more when applying product. Creams that are too rich will collect under the skin.Keeping the area correctly hydrated results in smoothness and volume rather than bags and shadows.
Use products specifically modified for the sensitive eye area.
I can recommend Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Eye contour and Eyelash treatment. This professional treatment rejuvenates eye contours as well as strengthening your eyelashes.Expect a cosmetic lifting effect on the eyelids with a smoothing of wrinkles around the eye.Dark circles will diminish and eyelashes strengthen. Gentle massage and lymphatic drainage addresses puffiness and dark circles whilst the comfort mask veil lightly shapes to the eye contours lightening and leveling expression lines.
Daydreams has an extra tool in the box with the Jet M . This no contact air and water lymphatic drainage is truly cool.

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