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Acne Scarring.

Venus Viva a new treatment for acne scarring.Treating fresh red blemishes has always been possible but finding a satisfactory remedy for older,deeper acne scarring has been difficult.
Now Daydreams has a new procedure. Venus Viva nano fractional radio frequency to resurface and promote new collagen Venus Viva. A sequence of treatments is required and can be intensified and varied for degrees of resurfacing and collagenesis. Cost from£130.
When clients present acne the first salon procedure I want to perform is lymphatic drainage and I have the perfect machine in Jet M . It is non contact so risk of cross infection removed and the skin stays cool. The lymphatic system and circulation go hand in hand. The lymph system carries away infection whilst the circulation brings nutrients to the area for healing. Controlling sebum is necessary but the skin must not feel dry or tight or the natural response will be to increase sebaceous activity to alleviate the tightness. Unfortunately often when active acne has been resolved scarring is left behind.

Fractional resurfacng

Fraxel systems offering treatment for a variety of skin conditions have been available in the medical aesthetic for more than a decade . It is a proven technology with proven results. Fractional systems work from the skin surface down into the deeper tissue on different skin types and conditions.They have been associated with discomfort but the Venus Viva Smartscan technology delivers a comfortable even treatment.
Time and the passing years combined with lifestyle and environmental factors adversely affect the skin’s texture and tightness but scars from acne, injury or surgery can happen any time and prove difficult to resolve. Scars resulting from acne may appear either as indentations in the skin or red raised marks. They can remain for life and frequently have a psychological and emotional impact.We all want healthy and blemish free skin.
For many their hormone induced acne does resolve but the scars are a constant reminder.
The Venus Viva is a nano-fractional R.F device for scar resurfacing and improvement to skin texture. The unique feature of of the Viva is the scanner FX tip which delivers more energy more efficiently and with minimal discomfort. The controlled ablation allows treatment of the outer and inner skin.The number of treatments required will vary ultimately from client to client but I have seen impressive results within a week of first treatment. There is a little down time but results far outwaya few hours of redness.
Consultation and patch testing is required

Beautifully coloured brows.

Karen Betts permanent make up artist has just launched her own range of pigments for cosmetic tattooing. Yesterday I spent the day learning some intricate details about differences in pigments, inks and dyes at an education day she hosted in London
Choosing the correct colour for the client is a vital part of the process when tattooing eyebrows. The clients natural skin tone is one of the considerations. We enjoyed a little hands on play with paint and pigments with subtle differences in the mixing showing major differences on the skin. Learning through play!

Easy on the eyes

Skeyndor Hyaluronic Eye Contour and Eyelash treatment. £43.

Hay fever sufferers take note.

I have read a flood of information about swellings in the skin recently as well as having first hand experience.Around the eye can easily look puffy,swollen and fatigued if the incorrect serums or balms are applied to this delicate and sensitive part of the face or treated too aggressively. Always remove eye make up kindly with a dedicated eye product.
The eye area needs hydration without becoming awash with fluid.
Remember the skin on the eye lid is the thinnest on the body so go gently. This lower level of collagen makes the eye area more inclined to ’sag’ and ‘crow’s feet’ appear but less is more when applying product. Creams that are too rich will collect under the skin.Keeping the area correctly hydrated results in smoothness and volume rather than bags and shadows.
Use products specifically modified for the sensitive eye area.
I can recommend Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Eye contour and Eyelash treatment. This professional treatment rejuvenates eye contours as well as strengthening your eyelashes.Expect a cosmetic lifting effect on the eyelids with a smoothing of wrinkles around the eye.Dark circles will diminish and eyelashes strengthen. Gentle massage and lymphatic drainage addresses puffiness and dark circles whilst the comfort mask veil lightly shapes to the eye contours lightening and leveling expression lines.
Daydreams has an extra tool in the box with the Jet M . This no contact air and water lymphatic drainage is truly cool.

Venus Viva

This Venus Viva is now a part of Daydreams and results are a class apart .
It uses the basic aesthetic rule of injury and repair.By creating a controlled micro trauma the body is prompted to repair through its natural mechanism.
Nano Fractional radio frequency for improving skin texture is the big excitement. Results give a visible reduction in the appearance of skin texture irregularities such as enlarged pores, wrinkles and acne scars and stretch marks. Clients have reported seeing improvements within the first week.
This is an great addition to the medical aesthetic industry in the U.K. It has already established itself as an industry leader in America, Asia and Israel. Both countries I have purchased from and trained in before and Venus Viva is endorsed by reputable Doctors I hold in high regard.
The treatment penetrates deep into the multiple layers of the skin promoting collagen, skin tightening and skin resurfacing.

What is there not to like about this nano fractional radio frequency remodeling and surfacing device.This device is highly suitable for both genders and all skin types.
Avoided are the complications which can be associated with more aggressive or ablative laser treatments and there is very little down time and I have found most candidates have found it very tolerable.

Venus Viva an all-in -one gold standard system for facial rejuvenation and Fractional Radio Frequency treatment for ALL SKIN TYPES.

Skin Resurfacing

Daydreams acquired its new piece of breakthrough technology Venus Viva. To date I have had 2 facial treatments and look forward to my third treatment. Between 3 and 5 are recommended at a monthly interval. I have treated my neck with the nano fractional for the first time.The skin was very red immediately after treatment but that was the case after my first face treatment whilst the second treatment did not not produce such a lively response. Results were fabulous

Venus Viva FirmFX is only available in a small number of clinics in the U.K. and it will treat all skin types to reduce the appearance of acne scars , refine textural irregularities as well as the skin tightening we already know Radio Frequency achieves.
Skin resurfacing with minimal discomfort or down time. Expect the treated area to flush, sometimes intensely, but this will fade within hours usually. Within a week you will see visible improvements in the overall appearance of your skin A patch test and consultation is required. This treatment is good for textural improvement so if you are not happy with your skin surface consider Venus Viva. Recommended to treat acne scarring, open pores, lines and wrinkles.
To register your interest contact us at or download Daydreams free app which will advertise promotions

Dry skin v dehydrated

Time and time again I am presented with a flaking face that has pimples on it. It seems a contradiction but this is a dehydrated skin. Dull skin that is lacking in moisture at all levels of the skin. The skin is thicker and pore size medium to large which can be misleading. Treating as an oily/combination skin with congested pores only makes matters worse.
Modern living can be a factor in dehydrated skin -central heating, air -conditioning and I particularly dislike car heaters.
Re hydrate the skin and it appears plumper,more radiant with pores that are less apparent. A dehydrated skin lacks water not oil. Over loading a dehydrated skin with oil will cause blemishes and congestion.
The skin contains its own moisturising factors and Hyaluronic acid is majorilly important as it retains water in the lower layers of the skin.
Skeyndor mesotherapy skin care have developed a product range and a professional salon treatment based on this super active ingredient. HA Dynamic professional treatment is a high performance moisture booster. Cost of treatment £60

Dry skin may also appear dull but will feel tight and there can be evidence of flaking on the skin surface. Drink up. Coconut water is the best for rapid re-hydration but drinking water of any type keeps all the organs, of which the skin is the largest, healthy.

Smooth operator. Enzyme peel

What is the appeal of a treatment that removes the top layer of skin?

These cosmetic treatments quickly give visibly improvement to the skin’s appearance. They are categorised by their depth.

The deeper the peel the more dramatic the result but alongside that comes a higher risk of complication. increased discomfort and greater recovery time.

Medik8 has a range of peels from superficial 1-3 to medium depth.

The most superficial is an Enzyme Peel which achieves pleasing smoothness and clarity without trauma or down time. Even if undertaking a series of peels it is advisable to start with an effective procedure that is without risk. No two skins react the same and the it never ceases to amaze me just how individual a response can be.
The enzyme peel is suitable for even sensitive skin although these might experience more intense tingling. The skin after treatment will be soft and smooth and receptive to hydrating serums but should not flake although the most sensitive may experience some flushing.
Expect to see a skin radiance with the skin tone appearing more even.

The preparation is a blend of 8 active active ingredients which have been selected specifically for their individual potency and action.
Among the key ingredients listed is
Papain which is a naturally derived enzyme that ‘digests’ the surface skin cells that contribute to dull complexions and uneven skin texture.
Pomegranate which contains ellagic acid that helps suppress UV induced pigmentation. Personally I am a huge fan of pomegranate as a sun protector.
Blueberries rich in antioxidants to neutralize free radical damage
Kiwi which is not only rich in anti-oxidants but also vitamins C,E,,A.


Join the club

Daydreams has a members scheme that each month offers a special discount to these discerning individuals. Some months I devise a treatment particularly for the members and other months a listed treatment is discounted only for these privileged individuals . This April it is a discount of £10 on a Medik8 enzyme peel. Just by enrolling you receive a voucher redeemable against any treatment.

‘Beta’spot relief

Why does a spot always appear when you least want it? Of course there is never a good time for a breakout but they have an uncanny way of happening just before an important ‘meeting’.

Medik8 Beta Gel to the rescue. With a spot you want to be able to target it immediately without drawing attention to it. This product is discreet but infused with actives. Azelaic acid targets the bacteria and inflammation whilst Salicylic acid is a gentle B.H.A. which works to unblock pores, clear dead skin and prevent congestion that could lead to further outbreaks.
The product is a handy handbag size and forms an invisible film on the skin that will sit underneath a concealer. It is soothing and calming and contains no Benzoyl peroxide. This targeted spot defence will aid blocked pores, black and white heads. RRP £31 15ML.

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