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Certified Practioner in Permanent Cosmetic

I have been qualified in micro -pigmentation since 1997 and have taken many advance courses since but last month I studied to qualify as a CPCP. This International certificate insists on Blood Bourne Virus education with current certification. Stage 1 was to update that training. Revising for the full exam was tough because it covered a vast amount of material and there were topics that I had not focused on before either as a skin care therapist or tattooist. I left the exam quite uncertain about the outcome because the pass mark was 81%. Thankfully my mark was 93% but the best aspect of the exercise was I did gain new knowledge. The thing is if you don’t know something you think you know nothing!

Permanent make up is known by several titles, semi-permanent cosmetic, micro-pigmentation but it is basically a cosmetic tattoo. It is a safe procedure when carried out by a trained technician, with equipment designed to prevent cross contamination, safely formulated pigments and proper aftercare is observed.
Those that seek this service might be sports or professional people as a convenience, those with poor eyesight or dexterity or when through maturity or accident features have altered and alopecia sufferers. The most usual procedures are on the brows, eyeliner and lip.
Lip and eyeliner procedures do not require the level of artistry that designing eyebrows does. Traditionally a powder brow was popular but now there is a trend to a hair stroke brow. The process of permanent cosmetics has changed dramatically in the past two decades with new techniques still emerging.
Is it painful? The degree of discomfort is client specific but I have had many a client drop off to sleep! The location of the procedure and technician skill are relevant.
How permanent is permanent? The level of permanency can vary with lifestyle, medical conditions, facial care but a good procedure places the particles of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Natural fading will occur but colour refreshing is advised at a reduced cost.
Not everyone is a suitable candidate so consultation is essential. This presents an opportunity to discuss medical background, design and colour.
Sara Esler: Certified Practitioner of Permanent Cosmetics

. Daydreams Bury St. Edmunds

cosmetic tattoo

I am celebrating a new qualification in Permanent Cosmetics with a special offer.

Last week end I travelled to Yorkshire to take 2 exams. When I left college I vowed I would never enroll for another examination.
How many times have I impulsively registered for an advanced certification within and beyond the beauty and aesthetic industry.

A client last week said to me “You have an amazing thirst for knowledge”. Within my industry I think that is true. I feel compelled to be offering my
clients the very best I am capable of.

The first exam was updating my certification in Blood Borne Viruses which could not be more topical or important at this time.
The second was more daunting.
The American qualification for permanent cosmetic tattooist. I can now proudly display the logo of C.P.C.P.
Certificated Permanent Cosmetic Practitioner. Exam aside it was an extremely informative process and I certainly gained knowledge. The qualification only remains current if education is on-going so no looking back.. only forward.

Virtual mesotherapy

Very excited. October promised to be both uplifting and a smooth ride. I trained and took ownership of a new electro therapy device.
When just home from day 1of training I was even more excited and I had had a fantastic facial. Day 2 was full of promise. Line filling is always in demand but some of us prefer not to be’ filled up’ with injectables because inevitably the ‘coming down’ shows even more deteriation. Non invasive mesotherapy by Skeyndor. Micro-current at the correct level and with the correct technique has been proven to sculpt and restore muscle tone but now there is the opportunity to go to another level with micro and macro face lifting. Register your interest with an e-mail to be amongst the first to benefit from this wonderful new facial treatment and the opening offers. November has seen the fruits of this training. Initial results have been so pleasing. Now at the end of November I can confirm the mesofiller facial by Skeyndor achieves excellent results.

Stay young and smiling

Keep smiling
It takes less muscles to smile than frown!
Micro current technology is the only aesthetic treatment I know, that through re-education, can physically firm and tone the 32 facial muscles. In daily living, muscles use adenosine triphosphate (A.T.P.) and without ATP the cells of the body could not function. The body only stores and produces a limited amount and by the age of 60 it is estimated the production will have deteriorated to almost ½. We need to encourage supply long before that.
The patented Suzuki Sequencing facial, often referred to as the non surgical face-lift, uses a variety of electrical frequencies so it can attune to each individual for best results in less time The treatment is perfectly comfortable because an essential element of true micro-current is it uses micro amps.. No twitching or flashing lights.
Besides muscle toning which is wonderful for drooping jowls, brows and cheeks another benefit is increased elastin and collagen fibres that show in a firmer, tighter skin surface. Micro-current promotes superior product penetration on fine lines and wrinkles, can soften scar tissue, aid wound healing as well as decongesting open pores.
There is no one miracle piece of technology in skin care but the Suzuki sequencing micro-current is a favourite of mine because it works on facial contouring and skin welfare. It gives an instant ‘lift’ and visible improvement to the skin in a single treatment but results are cumulative with a short series of treatments. It is very competitively priced.

Sara Esler . Skincare specialist Daydreams.

Summer blemishes

Summer on the wane .
Left with thread veins and pigmentation?
Salon treatment too costly? Immediate camouflage remedy.
Eve Pearl salmon concealers in dual toned compacts allow you to blend the perfect shade for your skin tone .

‘A’ secret agent

Secret Agent and very special…
This would seem to be a good time of year to talk about photo-ageing.
Photo-ageing is a vitamin deficiency skin condition. The remedy is to replenish what has been lost. Vitamin A is the dominant skin vitamin and essential for healthy cells. The basic fact is our D.N.A. gets old. Topical Vitamin A helps keep a balance. Cells with sufficient Vitamin A are healthy cells. Vitamin A and its derivatives can reverse common signs of skin ageing. The correct serum will smooth the skin, reduce wrinkles, even pigmentation and stop the breakdown of collagen.

Vitamin A is a super ingredient. The challenge is to get high enough levels of Vitamin A into the skin without irritation. Sun damage alters the mechanisms that allow this super power into the skin. When older it takes high concentrations to stimulate new receptors. Women during menstruation have lower Vitamin A levels and so are more at risk of sun damage. Medik8 Retinol products limit potential irritation by incorporating ‘time release’ technology. Night time is the optimal time to use retinols and for skin rejuvenation.

Cosmeceuticals of Medik8 quality are both cosmetic and pharmaceutical with active ingredients that are capable of influencing skin function and is why they differ from traditionally beauty products which have a temporary effect such as softening or hydrating. I advise you to use topical retinol products from around 30 years of age or before if sun induced skin ageing is evident. Retinol combined with skin needling gives excellent results. Vitamin A combined with Vitamin C is a highly effective regime. A. at night and C. in the morning. Medi8 Skin Ageing Essential Kit is a day and night system to effectively target all assigns of skin ageing and as a kit offers a generous saving. In effect one product and a sample free.

Sara Esler skincare specialist.


Anti ageing facials should be performed on those who have not yet aged noticeably. A key factor if you want to look young is start young. Although skin ageing is a natural and inevitable process so many people just accept it or even fear it. All forms of ageing can be successfully managed.
Extrinsic factors that age the skin are diet, sun, alcohol, smoking , pollution. Intrinsic factors include hormones, sleep, stress, expression movement and our ethnic origins and genetic predisposition.
Today cosmeceuticals are highly sophisticated. They contain pharmaceutical grade ingredients which are clinically proven to safeguard the health of your skin so on a day to day basis without professional treatment it is possible to slow the visible signs of ageing considerably. Within the professional arena skin boosters is the new phrase for products that can be manipulated into the middle skin

I love my ‘job’

I take great pride at Daydreams in offering you a professional service in a desirable area and premises in historic Bury St. Edmunds. A beautiful town to offer beautiful treatments. I have gained many advanced skills to use alongside my various pieces technology and product ranges. Consultation leads to customised treatment plans to match your time and budget.
General beauty therapy and skin care are offered alongside specialised treatments and that means I meet with a large cross section of people which adds interest to my day.
I like to build rapport with clients and was reminded today how long I have known many of my clients. Helen booked an appointment today. Her mother had the first salon in Newmarket and I came back to the area to give maternity cover! I shared this to a loyal client who was here today and has known me since then. Later a women waved and came in. She retired to Ireland 5 years ago but came to see if Daydreams was still here and of course it is. I remember being so surprised being told that other than family I had known them longer than anyone else!.
Medik8 skin needling and peels are intense new treatments. Radio frequency, wet and dry dermabrasion are offered to reduce the visible signs of ageing and to treat congested or problematic complexions. Healthy non surgical ageing is the focus at Daydreams. Suzuki micro- current with its variety of applications is most popular either alone or combined with Pro Wave Ice radio frequency.
Since 1997 I have offered semi permanent cosmetic tattooing and non invasive treatment for facial thread veins.Ongoing education and training continues at DAYDREAMS at medical aesthetic conferences in the U.K and abroad. Where should I go next? Think it is going to be Barcelona. Watch this space

Hair free smooth skin uses a premier waxing system. Lycon. It gives you great results with a unique oil barrier applied direct to the skin to ensure the low temperature wax shrink wraps the hair not the skin. So much more comfortable! LYCON wax is low temperature yet contains “the strongest resin in the world” For you the client this means the capability to grip the hair at the root powerfully.
Lycon offers a full skin care regime in a waxing treatment
Intimate waxing is a specialist area of expertise and requires confidence, the best techniques and an excellent product range. The Lycon range includes products to clean and cool the area previous to waxing and afterwards an Anti-Bump foaming gel containing lemon tea tree, arnica and calendula plus Ingrown x-it solution which is an anti-septic/bacterial spray that targets the hair follicle without sting or burn.
So many reasons to choose a high quality product. Waxing does not have to be a pain.

Salmon concealer

Summer slipping away but sadly sun blemishes staying put?
Eve Pearl concealers are not just an under eye concealer. They cover all manner of skin blemishes. The dual compacts allow you to blend an exact shade for a seasonal change in skin colour.
New delivery of salmon concealers now in stock. Always difficult to keep up with demand.
ve Pearl salmon concealer is a MUST cosmetic. Under the eye it treats and disguises dark circles. On patches of pigmentation it magically vanishes them and it covers body tattoos and red vein clusters on face, legs and body. The palettes are dual coloured so with two tones you can make seasonal changes, custom blend or get better value with a single product that allows you to work on both face and body. The size of the compact is perfect for easy carrying in a purse whilst the mirror is a bonus for touching and retouching face blemishes. DAYDREAMS offers this MAKE -UP WITH SKIN CARE online. It is priced with Free postage.

I have met and watched Eve Pearl demonstrate as a celebrity make -up artist both here in the U,K and in the U.S several times at make -up and beauty shows. She has massive experience and is a spontaneous make-up artist and presenter. I have visited the Eve Pearl studio several times and even had a make- over myself. Last year I went to collect some stock whilst my daughter went for a run in Central Park with a guy training for the N.Y Marathon! Mid-day heat in Central Park. Completely crazy. She then became motivated to run in the London Marathon and got entry and automatic re entry next year. with her amazing time!
Mad world but Eve Pearl salmon concealer a cosmetic must. It may be all you need to wear. A bare necessity! It disguises leg blemishes .

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