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A spot of bother

Whatever our age we hate spots on the face. Everyone feels self conscious when one erupts never mind a plethora of them. Generally we are a victim of our hormones where pustules and papules are concerned but lifestyle issues do aggravate outbreaks. The teenage years are when almost everyone has issue with spots but it can happen later in life and now there is a category called career acne. This is when life at work is competitive and individuals are working hard to achieve. Acne can appear anywhere on the body.
At this time of year students in the exam season find their acne flares up. The wonderful thing about the skin is it does recover and time and time again I have seen faces tormented with sore inflamed areas restored to a clear, smooth complexion. Rule one do not pick. Picking results in scars.
Be kind to your skin. Very often acne sufferers strip the skin of its natural oils and protection by using strong alcohol laden products which in reality just encourage the glands to produce increased levels of sebum and provide the perfect environment for further bacterial growth. When cleansing your skin massage gently. You will not be over stimulating it. Healing nutrients are carried in the blood so increasing the circulation is good and there are fewer blood vessels in the centre of the face so encouragement is needed. Tissue will also be less congested as the lymphatic drainage is activated.
Spots often erupt overnight when the circulatory system is passive so allow time in the morning to clean and wake your skin up. This is a good time to put on a mask, perhaps when in the shower. Appropriate daily home care is essential. Salon/clinic treatment gives help and healing.

A recommendation… Retinol

Trying to work out how to treat frown lines can be a worrying task and you know what worry does!

Medik8 skincare biotechnology is an award winning skincare brand and only sold by skincare experts so I am working hard to learn all about their various ranges. Of course this has required much trying and sampling of the different serums. My daughters haven’t been complaining .Yesterday I saw them both(mother’s day) for the first time since gifting them MEDIK8 products. I was naturally curious to see and learn how they had reacted to the various serums and creams.
Both girls are in their 30’s so I am now always looking for signs of ageing. To my delight their skin looked really clear and smooth. New to their regimes has been the Retinol corrective serums. This Vitamin A line is for evening use only because you will be out of sunlight . Retinols have a reputation of sometimes causing irritation but Medik8’s ‘micro-encapsulating’ serum leaves the skin like velvet. A built -in time release factor helps also to avoid this. My advice is always to introduce a new product into your skincare regime gradually. Professional strength products need to be treated with respect but are so much more effective.
Medik8 has a small but varied Retinol range at varying strengths. In the early stages of using these serums you will notice improvement in skin texture and diminishing of pore size. With more time facial lines will soften but more generally a firming effect evolves. All products are professional strength with the lightest being Retinol3TR( SOUNDS LIKE A MODEL OF CAR!). More potent is Retinol40 and this concentrate can be added to your night hydrator . Use should be progressive to achieve maximum results without sensitivity. For the under eye area RetinoL EyeTR. Significant results with this night serum

International Beauty Show N.Y.C.

From Velvet magazine’s website
The 2014 International Beauty Show in New York was a massive event. 60,000 visitors. The energy of the speakers on the education program was matched by those on the exhibition floor. Visitors packed out the live demonstrations on stages on each of the four floors. It was exciting, educational and exhausting!!
Beauty, well-being, health and business knowledge to empower the therapist. Peels and enzyme exfoliation was a big treatment topic with dozens of protocol variations. Equally popular professional portable equipment. The trend to offer treatment in new and innovative venues is only going to grow. The airports were testament to that with multiple express spas in the lounges and at the departure gates.
Companies were launching new products big time. It was my first opportunity to sample Eve Pearl’s liquid salmon concealer pen(available in Daydreams online shop) I watched ‘The Flawless Face’ make –over using the said palette and learnt a clever use of the highlighter. All in all lots to absorb …. now what to act on.

Skin Spring Clean

SKIN SPRING CLEAN written for Bounce magazine.
Spring is a good time of year to refresh your skin with an appropriate peel but skin peeling is often misunderstood and expectations misguided. Whatever the peel choice the skin must be protected because it plays a vital role in safeguarding the body against external factors. Damaged skin may heal scarred, discoloured or pigmented.
Skin deep.
A superficial enzyme peel is a mild form of chemical peel and is suitable for all skin types. It will freshen the complexion and improve texture and is extremely effective. The next category of peels are still light but use AHA’s and BHAs to target different skin issues such a sun damage, pigmentation, acne, dehydration. Peeling performed by skincare specialist goes to varying depths within the outer layer of the skin – the epidermis. Over the past two decades the trend has become to use lighter formulations which may stay on the skin longer and treatments staged over a period of weeks. The deeper the peel the longer the recovery time.
Skin topic
The aim is not to thin the skin but to encourage growth factors from within. An important part of a peeling treatment is the serums placed on the skin after when it is very receptive to active preparations. Epidermal growth factors promote tissue repair and collagen regeneration. Restoring the pH of the skin is vital. Our skin at birth has a neutral pH which is why a baby and child’s skin is so vulnerable. Not until puberty is the acid mantle stable. Dramatically peeled skin may be smooth but vulnerable and not necessarily healthy. Always look for product that will support the natural pH of the skin. Less can be more.

Eye Wish

This article appears in Bounce magazine with a discount voucher so pick one up this month
Eye Wish
We all wish to look starry eyed but actually the eye area is usually the first area on the face to show signs of ageing. It can look fatigued and dehydrated more obviously and quickly than any other area on the face due to the lack of oil glands and the lid has a very thin veil of skin. ‘Worry lines’ can begin to develop around the eyes for some in their early 20’s and vertical lines are particularly ageing.
Eye Candy
Awareness and confidence in the achievable results has greatly increased the use of eye creams and serums. Night time during sleep is when your skin has the chance to renew and repair. It is safe from environmental factors. A night eye serum can work with optimum efficiency and accelerates the regeneration process.
Eye Contact
This delicate area needs only a small amount of the correct product. Too much product, too close can result in puffiness or irritation. Tap your eye product around the bone. Always treat the eye area gently especially when cleansing and removing make up.
Eye Concealer.
Dark circles and shadows will diminish with increased micro-circulation. Salon treatments specifically designed for the eye area can ‘lift’ heavy lids, drain puffiness and plump fine lines. A quality make up concealer will disguise imperfections. Make up with skincare such as Eve Pearl salmon concealers are my recommendation.


Sara Esler. Skin care specialist at DAYDREAMS .Bury St.Edmunds .

Dedicated skincare specialist

Dedicated skin-care specialists
For more than 20yrs. Daydreams has been a multi disciplined salon serving clients with one overriding mission; to continually advance its skin care treatments to the highest standard. Sara Esler opened the business in 1988 and is still championing the cause of healthy ageing. The pursuit of excellence requires continual professional development.
Daydreams intention is to encourage you to take time for yourself and feel good about yourself. That achieved we become more successful in our work, our relationships, creatively and intellectually.
Treatments have been selected that clients will be drawn to and all treatment options are explained in order that informed decisions can be made. I am always looking forward to add discernable value to my skin care practice with innovative equipment, product and service. Each client’s needs are important and so discussed at consultation and treatment plans devised and varied for the individual. All enhancements are safe and proven. Treatments are initiated to benefit both well being and appearance.
Select skin/body treatments are offered for anti-ageing ,acne, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, thread veins, cosmetic tattooing in addition to an exceptional level of general beauty treatment.
 A diverse portfolio of specialist treatment.
 Delivering immediate and sustained results.
 Courses and packages.
 Home care advice.

Medik8 prices

Medik8 treatments are now well underway in the salon. I love the results and so do the clients.
A page dedicated to MEDIK8 FACIALS, SKIN NEEDLING AND PEELS is now in place.
A 20% discount is on offer for all our new Medik8 treatments.
6 new medi-spa facials offer treatment for a range of skin issues. The professional strength of the serums makes an enormous difference even in a s ingle treatment.

Medik 8 peels save up to £15 on a single treatment . Advised home care products are also discounted for a LIMITED TIME.

Skin Needling.. recommended as a course of 3, 6 weeks apart. Consultation and home care regime required for 2 weeks prior to 1st treatment. Minimal downtime after treatment. £600 for 3 treatments and product. Opening offer £480 payable in 2 payments at this time.

MEDIK8 Medi-spa facials

A new web page describing the full range of Medik8 treatments is now posted.
Medik8 is an award winning global skincare brand sold only by skincare experts. Professional strength products with proven technologies. Facial protocols are specifically designed to target skin ageing, acne , redness, pigmentation and dryness. These advanced facials are a PLEASURE TO EXPERIANCE but they are result driven . The treatment protocols are specific and the outcomes intense. The opening discount is for a limited period.

Medik8 skin needling promotion

A full web page for Medik8 is now available.
Skin needling is a safe and increasingly popular skin renewal technique to restore the healthy youthful appearance of the skin at a fraction of the cost of comparable treatments and with minimal downtime. MEDIK8 Titanium Micro-needle Roller and Micro-needle stamp dramatically enhance the penetration of the active ingredients from Medik8 cosmoceuticals .
MEDIK8 needles are engineered from pure titanium giving a finer and much more durable edge eliminating excess caused by ordinary steel needles. Titanium precision engineered needles are super sharp to deliver the most pain free treatment experience and to promote fast healing. The fine micro-needles penetrate the epidermis,create microscopic punctures on the skin surface. Opening the skin like this dramatically increasing the penetration level of all topical product and so increasing its efficacy.
Recommended treatment plan is 3 treatments 6 weeks apart . Skin preparation with homecare product is necessary 2 weeks prior to first needling session. At time of consultation this will be discussed.
Cost of 3 treatments with initial homecare product will be £600.

Medik8 peels

A new web page dedicated to Medik 8 peels, skin needling and medi-spa facials is waiting to be attached to Daydreams website. Until it is ‘live’ you can request information from
To understand the benefit of skin peeling it is helpful to understand the structure of the skin a little. The outer layer of the skin is known as the epidermis and forms a protective barrier for the body. It needs to be intact and function efficiently to retain moisture in the body and infections out and is it helps regulate our body temperature and it is vitally important to protect these functions . Severely damaged skin may heal with scar tissue which may be discoloured or de-pigmented. The thickness of the skin varies from area to area on the body and from individual to individual.
Increasingly skin peeling treatments are becoming more popular with medical aesthetic practitioners but these peels are a new generation of skin care. Previously Doctors performed peels that removed the entire top layer of skin which resulted in tightening of the skin through scarring. This is no longer the only or preferred option. Lighter peels applied for longer and in a series will achieve excellent results with the skin appearing more naturally radiant and healthy rather than blanched and frail which is an aged rather than youthful look. Essential to skin regeneration is the stimulation of growth factors which rebuild, repair and produce collagen and elastin for tighter, smoother skin without scarring.
When is skin peeling appropriate? In people with sun damage or photo-ageing the outermost layer of the epidermis becomes excessively thickened , dry and rough and the renewal cycle of the skin slows down considerably and appears dull. Acne prone skin benefit from mild A.H.A./B.H.A. treatment to stop flaking skin and sebum blocking follicles.
2014 sees Daydreams taking on a new professional range of skin peels ..Medik8

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